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About Us. We're a group of business owners who have been victims of ineffective advertising, or outright advertising fraud, by Lan Lamphere and Taira Lamphere. No new business or benefit was realized by any of us. Not even a single click was received by most.

Lan Lamphere was the only advertising effort that ever failed for some. We've done enough advertising to anticipate results. The Lampheres wildly exaggerate their audience verbally and then avoid written confirmation of their statements.  Lamphere claims to "really dislike email" and prefers all phone communication. Lamphere does this specifically to avoid a paper evidence trail in our opinon. 

The Lampheres are serial frauds who have operated for years according to evidence and in our opinion. The recent verbal claims made by Lan Lamphere are quite shocking per the latest potential victims who have contacted us. He claims huge audiences, and expansion plans, etc., but that is his standard operating procedure. And yes, you are "faking it" Mr. Lamphere. We have an evidence mountain.

The Lampheres sell advertising for a nonexistent audience, and/or they sell advertising to shows that never occur. The Lampheres have actually aired only one thirty minute TV show in the last year to mostly friends and relatives on a small niche cable channel. Numerous advertisers and sponsors were secured, and they received virtually nothing for their money. (btw - We have received numerous thanks for our efforts here.)

Update 1-22-13

Sadly, we have heard from Shifter X advertisers, and as we predicted, they are out their money. Lamphere claimed that his programming was to air on multiple PBS stations. We also heard from individuals who have relayed to us that our knowledge is only fractional regarding Lamphere's long-time practices spanning decades. 

We do not post all information or evidence we have received.

We had not planned on another update, but out of respect for the folks who have recently contacted us, another update was justified. Lamphere genuinely appears to believe that everyone else is at fault, and he has no responsibility for anything. We can only shake our heads. His thinking is that foreign to us.    

We would have been happy to remove this blog had Lamphere only done a few simple things, but he can't seem to comprehend what is fair and honest. He also attacks and insults the good people who he robs. We can't understand it and don't want to.

We've done our part to be good citizens. We wish that Lamphere had done the same. 

Update 10-15-12

Shifter X Motorsports is again gone as predicted. Advertising dollars are up in smoke, and anyone else who unknowingly donated to this endeavor lost their money. It's the same pattern, and Lamphere will blame others as usual.

Lamphere claimed that numerous episodes were completed. They should air online even if nowhere else. All that has ever appeared are teaser videos a few minutes long online.

Nobody would have paid for an ad if they had known that it was dependent on Lamphere selling enough advertising to air the show. The man can't finish hardly anything. His own websites have never been finished. 

Not a single positive comment has ever been received by us and for over a year this page has been here. So much for his claimed thousands of fans and supporters. 

Here is just another bizarre rant on Lamphere's "Official Personal Site." He constantly proclaims his innocence and with great drama and phony righteous indignation. Lamphere is like the boy who kills his own parents and then begs mercy from the court because he's an orphan.

Evidence displayed on this blog site is minor in comparison to the total evidence in our possession. It is also restrained. The page could be far worse and more incriminating. Lamphere's reaction as been all wrong. We've worked hard to build a good reputation and customer relations. Lamphere doesn't even try from our experience. He counts on continuous new victims.

This screen is the part 2 of the above. Our goal was to get the Lampheres to go straight but it hasn't worked. Lamphere will take no responsibility for his conduct. He's been caught and exposed legally and then makes up outrageous and ridiculous stories about it. Nobody from this side has threatened him or anyone with anything illegal. 

Our thoughts now are just to leave this blog here and walk away from it. Monitoring him is unsettling. It's like watching a crime in progress and the situation is hopeless if Lamphere will not accept responsibility for any of  his own conduct. His huge sense of entitlement is inexplicable.

Lamphere denies their porn activities and he claims screen grabs here are fabricated. These images will pass any authenticity test. This screen directly ties together Drifting Mass and his porn firm Floating Mass. No one forced them to engage in porn production, and they've done it at least twice to our knowledge. People are free to do whatever, but not in a state where the activity is illegal and around a bunch of kids. 

Their activity and conduct is just disturbing all the way around, and there is no excusing it. We all live with our choices, and the Lampheres are plenty old enough to know better. They knew that they were being monitored and did it anyway. It's unbelievable had we not witnessed it. 

This is Taira Lamphere's "Mac Hollie" MySpace page as of 10-28-12. It's obviously her, and it remains online to this date. The Lampheres are the most irresponsible people we ever saw. They leave evidence all over. They probably forgot their log in information. 

Our evidence includes photos, audio, and video. There is no "manufacturing" anything. Lamphere claims to know who we are, but he hasn't filed legal action because he wouldn't get anywhere. Nothing about this page is illegal and nobody from here has threatened him or his family.  He'll see the police if he ever visits us, and he knows that because we told him so in no uncertain terms.

Lamphere has been aware of this site for over 15 months and has done absolutely nothing except threaten us. His calling the site moderator the B & C profane words is incredibly unwise and indicates his attitude. All he had to do to remove this blog is practice fair and honest business. He's done anything and everything except the correct things, and he went to great efforts to conceal his latest endeavors. It's very hard to hide anything from the Internet, and that keeps most people honest. Lamphere is the exception. He thinks laws don't apply to him.

Update 8-30-12

Lan Lamphere has threatened us physically as we were expecting. He sent us a thinly veiled menacing email. He has no reason to "physically see us" at anytime because counsel will represent us in any appearance. He's claimed that it's under the guise of legal action, but we've heard from no lawyer and after over one year's duration that this site has been here.  We are fully prepared to confront Lamphere via the legal system, and he will not intimidate us.  Lamphere also tried to breach our emails and this site numerous times.

Any reasonable individual would have viewed this site as a major wake up call. Lamphere's solution is to only add insult to injury. He completely dismisses this site as essentially "being lies that can't be proven," and "our losses are our own fault for believing his claims." Lamphere's lies can be proven, but all Lamphere had to do was to conduct fair and honest business and this blog could be removed. He has chosen not to do so for over a year.  We will now escalate the matter legally on our terms. Lamphere does not seem to accept that laws apply to him. We enable him if we do nothing, and that is just wrong no matter how unpleasant it is.

We have massive undeniable evidence. This site wouldn't be here without it, and we consulted legal even before assembling this page. Click on the thumbnails to view evidence images.

Update 8-27-12 The Shifter X Motorsports website completely disappeared. This is the exact same pattern as the "Femme Locale" television show. The web address now forwards to a speedway site. 

This is a long rambling excuse for the Shifter X Motorsports show never airing. Now it's a hard drive failure, but the excuse makes no real sense. No one would rely on a single drive for such critical material with no back up. Lamphere claimed that 13 episodes were completed and will be available on the website, then he claims that the site needed to be redone, and then the site disappeared completely. 

Lamphere offers refunds, and then claims that the show was losing money,  and that's the reason it didn't air.  Advertisers are not speculative investors. This page was online maybe a day or two.

Update 8-30-12 & 9-24-12 Now Lamphere claims that the Shifter X Motorsports show is back on and will air "this fall." Well, it is now fall, but no air date is displayed, and the show does not appear in the station line up.  His excuses don't pan out. It's back on only because of this site in our opinion. Lamphere apparently abandoned the Shifter X Motorsports effort to spend all his time in porn production and then again changed his mind and came back to this program from what we have heard and seen and in our opinion.   

Update 7-20-12 A reader sent us this. Summary: SSDD (Same Scam Different Day in our opinion.)  Lamphere has a new company name again: Drifting Mass Productions LLC. This firm offers all the same services as before and has added some new twists which are no more credible than any others. The Lampheres seem to change company names every few months, and they changed the phone number this time. See below for other company names. There is no registered company named "Drifting Mass Productions LLC" with the Oklahoma Secretary of State.  

Some new programs named "Sand People" and "Shifter X Moto" or "Shifter X Motorsports" are in the works apparently. This sounds much like Oklahoma Expeditions, Southwest Expeditions, Femme Locale, and several other shows Lamphere has claimed to be on air with huge audiences, etc. Lamphere has actually aired only a single 30 min episode of the Femme Locale program in the last year.

See below for air dates and results. Lamphere was telling potential advertisers that they would receive huge exposure on two national cable networks. It was all untrue. 

Lamphere again claims to have "several hit shows" in Texas and Oklahoma. Lamphere had an "Internet TV show" a few months ago that sold ads but suddenly disappeared. There have been no "hit shows." Lamphere has previously claimed that upwards of a million views for his content, which was a complete lie. See screen pages below.

Lan Lamphere claimed that he intended to purchase air time on some television stations and air his programming like an infomercial. It is unknown what is the status and intent with "Sand People" or "Shifter X Moto" or Shifter X Motorsports. 

The pilot described here was the 30 min Femme Locale program which aired once on the Pursuit Channel, which is a specialized niche hunting and fishing cable channel. Almost no one actually saw this show. Lamphere barely completed this episode and sent it to the Pursuit Channel at the very last moment before air time.

The Lampheres claimed that they removed the program from Pursuit b/c it didn't match the format of the channel. Lamphere's own words are in the screen grabs below. 

This is a screen grab for the program "Shifter X Motorsports." A handful of views have been seen on Vimeo or YouTube. There is no show advertising, and even if it airs, too few people will see it to justify advertising in our opinion. It is the same pattern in all Lamphere media productions.

Lamphere would claim at times that "up to  20 million" potential listeners would be available through the radio stations on which he was broadcasting his radio show OvernightAM. There were no radio stations carrying his program at all.

This screen grab again evidences the potential audience for the show. There is no audience participation. The show preview and teaser videos posted online have only a handful of views. There is no buzz or excitement, and the show has been around for several months.

This same pattern applies to all Lamphere activities but they will claim a large audience. There will be no result from an advertising effort. Lamphere has suddenly dropped all his previous show efforts. Advertisers were seen by no audience. 

 Update 8-6-12. Television station schedule has no ShifterX Motorsports scheduled for next Sat 8-11-12. Program never appeared and is no longer on the schedule.

Here is an example of infuriating show hype. Lamphere is claiming that the TV station is running show promos two months in advance of air date to "slow down calls" coming into the station asking about the show.

Complete baloney. The show had under 100 Facebook likes and 56 friends as of 8-6-12. The kids have more than that just playing around. Vimeo has "zero likes" on any show vids posted. (Screen cap available.)

Update 9-13-12 Shifter X now has a whopping 102 Facebook likes.
There is no marketing or show promotion occurring at all.

Update 8-7-12.

Shifter X Motorsports ended production the end of June per Lamphere in a Facebook post dated 7-28-12 with no reason given. No show aired. What happens to sponsor money???

Lamphere claimed to have six shows completed. This man is beyond belief. We did our best. 


The Lampheres have returned to porno. This is choice. Lamphere compares himself to "if Spielberg did porn, this is what it would be like."

We suspect that Lamphere took the money generated from Shifter X Motorsports and financed his way into the porn industry again. He's making casting calls for adult actors.

The company is "Floating Mass Films." It sounds like something floating in a toilet alright. floatingmass.com

Here is a casting call for "Floating Mass Films" dated 6-30-12. There is no denying the intent. This is unbelievable. These people are as apt to rip off people in porno too.

The money from honest Shifter X Motorsports advertisers went to this in our opinion.

Update 9-13-12.
This is a Twitter screen grab for Floating Mass Films, the Lampheres' latest porn industry endeavor. The Shifter X Motorsports show appeared to have been abandoned by Lan Lamphere in favor of producing porn full-time.  His claims of a hard drive failure are ridiculous in our opinion.

The Lampheres have a large number of children around their household. Lamphere claims that he is "dad" to around 15 neighborhood children, and that is the most disturbing aspect of all. The kind of people who could engage in these activities around children is shocking. It shows the kind of people you are dealing with. 

This is the home page for the porn site "Humans Love Sex" featuring Taira Lamphere as "adult film star Mac Hollie." 

People that do this around a bunch of kids in a state where it's illegal are capable of anything in our opinion. They show no respect for laws or other people and must think they're special.  We would not want our kids anywhere near this conduct, and folks have a right to know.

UPDATE 8-27-12 
Lamphere has exited the adult entertainment industry according to some very upset people in the business. They seemed quite nice and honest but were livid with Lamphere. Maybe he realized that adult entertainment production is ILLEGAL in Oklahoma, but he knew that already.  He first claimed that the company abandoned Oklahoma for Los Angeles, and then he gave it up completely. Apparently he made a film, and now there is a dispute of ownership rights. We believe the actor in the film, and she's plenty upset. We predicted this but get no satisfaction from it. 

Lan Lamphere is a public figure and runs a business. He's tried to draw attention to himself for years and continues to do so. We have a right to post accurate information about him and his claimed companies and activities, especially during his time as a public figure. 

We also have a right to express our experiences and opinions. Outraged customers, or victims in this case, are not "ass monkeys" as Mr. Lamphere claims.  Lamphere has a long documented history of defamation, and he is malicious, vindictive, and not truthful. He threatens to defame anyone who challenges him, and he did so to the people he encountered in the adult entertainment industry. That is his SOP, and he continues to defame even today. Lamphere is nothing more than a bully in our opinion.

The Lampheres were again offering wedding photography through Drifting Mass Productions. That sounds unusual to us with several "hit shows" in progress. Where do they get the time? Lamphere always acted as if wedding photography was beneath him. He claims to be an award winning international photo journalist for top media firms for 17 years, and he even claims to have been a cameraman for Anthony Bourdain.   We received some angry wedding photography reviews. Some other ones are here: http://www.weddingwire.com/reviews/lamphere-photography-norman/12206a6a1bec5210.html

Here is a prime example of what we are warning against. Lan Lamphere contracted to provide wedding photography and video and then ran off with the money and never provided any pictures or video. The people sued but Lan Lamphere will just default and accept a judgment outstanding.

These poor folks are out near $5000 and have no photos or video of their wedding. We cannot understand how anyone could ever do something as low as that. All these people wanted was their memories. Lamphere's conduct is despicable.

This was the most recent program that we knew of. Oklahoma Expeditions Motosports Video Magazine. This was "Internet TV" and was produced by "Clearly Skewed Entertainment."

Ads were sold but were never seen by any significant viewer numbers.We've received several comments that "these people are just thieves." They're entirely aware of their actions, and it includes both of them. The Lampheres know the difference between right and wrong. They don't care.

Update 1-31-12 Summary: Over the last year, Lan Lamphere has claimed that SIX different television shows produced by him were either on air or in production. He aggressively attempted to sell advertising for these programs. Lamphere has actually aired only a single 30 minute episode in the last 12 months seen by literally a handful of people. The claimed shows are as follows:

Oklahoma Expeditions: Lamphere claimed that the show was airing on Cox cable in Oklahoma City and had a total weekly viewership of 400K+ in OK City and Tulsa. No show was airing at all.  
Southwest Expeditions: Oklahoma Expeditions evolved into Southwest Expeditions and was expanding into several states. No show was airing at all.
Femme Locale: Lamphere claimed that Femme Locale was in production 6 months for Wealth TV, a national cable network and had several completed episodes. A single 30 minute episode aired once to literally a handful viewers on the Pursuit Channel. Lamphere claimed that advertisers were to receive broadcast on two national networks.Wealth TV had made no commitment to air the show and had not even seen the program to approve it. 
Sooner Legends: This was a mythical show created around Oct 27, 2011 to air via purchased air time on the Oklahoma City Fox affiliate at 6:00 AM Sunday mornings commencing on Jan 1, 2012.  No show ever appeared. 
Survival Mechanics: Another mythical show scheduled to air on the same OK City Fox affiliate commencing on Jan 8, 2012. The show was rescheduled to appear 2nd quarter 2012 and never appeared..
The Compton Effect: Lamphere claimed that this show was to air on RFDTV.  The entire show was just suddenly dropped. Lamphere only made claims via telephone and put little in writing.
Oklahoma Expeditions: This show has purportedly now returned again per Lamphere. His explanations for the failure of shows and sudden changes really make no logical sense, but he aggressively attempts to sell advertising for shows that never occur. His audience claims are incredible and outrageous. 

We possess extensive and undeniable evidence of all claims made here. A sample follows.

The information below represents our due diligence findings in an objective, accurate, and completely truthful form. Don't fall for scams. Send us your advertising regrets so that others can benefit from your experience. Email us confidentially at lansfans@yahoo.com

12-20-11 Major Update: Meadowlark Productions , Sooner Legends TV,  Survival Mechanics, and The Compton Effect. We've been notified that Lan Lamphere is aggressively pursuing every preparedness store, gun shop, army surplus store, and sporting goods store asking for sponsors and free gear to (supposedly) feature on his show.   These show and company names were established around October 27, 2011. The Lampheres appear to change company names quite frequently. See his known co names further down this page.

Lan Lamphere again claims a new show entitled "Sooner Legends" is to premier on KOKH Fox 25 in Oklahoma City. This a large Fox affiliate. We contacted them and no show entitled Sooner Legends was scheduled. 

Lamphere has another show entitled "Survival Mechanics" that he again claims will air on KOKH Fox 25. We are waiting for a response from the program director.

Update 12-30-11: The program director has informed us that a show entitled "Survival Mechanics" has reserved air time for Sunday Jan 8, 2012 from 6:00 AM to 6:30AM. This is like an infomercial and is not a show produced by the station. "Sooner Legends" will not be broadcast. 

Update 1-11-11. Survival Mechanics did not air as promised Jan 8, 2011. Lamphere claims that the show as been postponed until the 2nd Qtr 2012. No show by this name ever appeared. 

Lamphere claims a 3rd show entitled "The Compton Effect" and is attempting to sell advertising for multiple episodes and weeks.  The Lamphere's have successfully produced  only a single 30 min episode for a program entitled "Femme Locale"  that aired on the Pursuit Channel one time on Oct 7, 2011. Numerous advertisers were secured for that program but few viewers saw the show before the Lampheres cancelled it, or so they claimed. We heard that this one episode was aired as a favor to someone the Lampheres knew.  

Lamphere again claims that he has a new radio show entitled "Survival Mechanics" scheduled to premier on KOKC,  which is a large Oklahoma City radio station. We checked with the program manager and were told that some discussion regarding purchased air time occurred, but the station decided not to.

We cannot believe the large number of shows and claims. This sounds much like "Femme Locale" which aired a single show on the Pursuit Channel to an audience primarily of friends and family.
 Lamphere continues to avoid to place any claim in writing regarding audience size to potential advertisers. 

This is the media kit being sent for a show entitled "The Compton Effect." Viewership numbers shown are generic for the station and have no relevance to actual viewers of the show. The air time of 6:00AM to 6:30 AM Sunday mornings was for sale by the station. It's sounds like dead time where few viewers are even watching TV.

It is unknown whether the show will be titled "The Compon Effect "or "Survival Mechanics." Regardless, few people will see it in our opinion even if it gets completed. Our comments are inserted on each page.
Update 11-4-11 As we suspected, the "Femme Locale" television show was just another Lamphere scam in our opinion. The entire show was suddenly dropped. No one would do that after the 6 months of effort that Lamphere claimed it took with multiple episodes completed. Lan Lamphere later said that the show was to be on broadcast television on November 26, 2011. See screen grab at left and below.

Now, Femme Locale has been "cancelled" after one showing on the Pursuit Channel. What baloney...

We don't know what to say about these Lamphere statements. They're just strange to us. Look for yourself. He says that all his phone calls are recorded, he's received "terroristic threats," and the FBI instructed him to not release an email address.  Huh....?

Update 11-4-11 Lamphere is a drama queen. He said the same thing in 2008 regarding a video they made of some nudists. He was receiving "hate mail and death threats" supposedly over a controversial video. 

Update 11-6-11  A close friend is a darned good therapist too, and she said that Lamphere appears to suffer a personality disorder in her opinion. We can sympathize, but that doesn't mean that he gets to rob people. He should get help. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder Hopefully, Lamphere will get help.

Mr. Lamphere invited us to see his "media kit," and rudely stated that it was "all we needed to know" about his company or activities. This is a rambling, disjointed, and plain bizarre account of his video programs and why they are not airing.

Lamphere offers advertiser refunds that we suspect are a consequence of this site. We strongly recommend that advertisers take advantage of the refund offer.  We'll see if any refunds actually materialize.

Lamphere claimed even in 2008 that "Oklahoma Expeditions" was on broadcast television. Lamphere appears to recycle the same scam going from radio to television and back.

See this screen grab from the Internet Archives. Even in 2008, Lamphere claims that "Cox cable was allowing special consideration for Oklahoma Expeditions." See screen grabs below for outrageous claims Lamphere made earlier this year regarding the airing of his programming on Cox. These people are unbelievable to us. Their entire business is fraud in our opinion.

Lan & Taira Lamphere - Norman Oklahoma. The Lampheres have a number of different programs or shows involving radio, television, and a digital magazine. Some are active while others seem to come and go. Lan Lamphere exits and then seemingly returns to radio every few months.
Update 11-22-11 We have been informed that the Lampheres are no longer involved with the magazine.

The Lampheres appear to have been in operation for several years involving multiple entities which seem to include OvernightAM radio, HollowFX radio, Dark Matter radio, Patriot Brigade radio, Epoch radio, Clark radio, DCIX.FM, and a health radio network.  Other names include Wind Chaser Communications, Lamp Here Productions, Lamphere Photography, Clearly Skewed Entertainment, Clearly Skewed Productions, Clearly Skewed Films, Moderate Risk Productions, and most recently, Meadow Lark Productions, Oklahoma Expeditions Video Magazine, Drifting Mass Productions, and Shifter X Motorsports. His porn production firm was called :Floating Mass Films. Others company names may exist.

Taira and Lan Lamphere also claim television and or documentary programs named Lan Lamphere Reports, Oklahoma Expeditions, Southwest Expeditions, Femme Locale, Sooner Legends, Survival Mechanics, Nude America the Movie, Oklahoma Expeditions Video Magazine, and Shifter X Motor Sports.

The Lampheres have also claimed to be professional video editors, a professional video production facility for hire, photographers, including wedding photgraphy, corporate photography and video, writers/authors, public speakers, and web developers.

Lan Lamphere and Taira Lamphere claim to have worked for such organizations as the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, (lead photographer for 5 years) major television networks and news organizations, and esteemed print publications.There is no evidence to support these claims.

Lan Lamphere also claims to have been a popular radio personality since 2000 broadcasting on several major and small radio stations with programs titled The Edge, OvernightAM, and The Lan Lamphere show. We could find no evidence of Lan Lamphere broadcasting on traditional radio for any substantial time. He purchased air time for short periods and has never been employed by a radio station. His broadcasting has been almost entirely Internet only. 

After random monitoring, we can only conclude that Lan and Taira Lamphere have a very small following, if any following at all. Listeners were in the dozens range in our opinion.

They claim a huge audience. Advertising rates were from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. It was mostly whatever they could get.

All information here consists of unmodified screen captures from published information posted online by either Lan and or Taira Lamphere and online public records. We have performed good-faith due diligence and inserted our experience-based remarks into the screen captures below.

Lan Lamphere appears to "retire" from radio and then return every few months. That pattern is not conducive towards developing a loyal following. The screen captures below evidence our findings at random. The captures are not in any chronological order.

Click on the image thumbnails to enlarge and read.

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Lan Lamphere's latest farewell statement here admits that he had to "lie about Internet radio to make any money." We don't think that he recalls his published and verbal statements or realizes the legal implications. He wishes to sound as a good guy, but the admission itself incriminates him.

Lamphere also claimed online that he was "nationally syndicated." (Screen grab available.) Internet broadcasting does not constitute national syndication.

Additionally, Lan Lamphere never broadcast on conventional radio for any extended duration that we could find, and when he did broadcast on traditional radio, it was via purchased air time only and for short durations. He also broadcast on shortwave radio at times, which is a limited, small market.
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Lan Lamphere reiterates his claims of permanently leaving the radio industry on his "Clearly Skewed.com" website a few days later. He repeats that "he had to lie to make any money."

Lamphere recently announced a return to radio via a new flagship 50K watt station out of Phoenix and with an executed 2 year contract that was "too good to refuse." A few days later, Lamphere announced that he had "canceled" the contract since he now “hates radio.” New sponsors were secured during the period where he claimed that he was returning to radio on a 50K watt station.

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This screen is a capture of an Oklahoma Expeditions site that exclaims "over 2 million viewers have watched the Lampheres' programming in the last 6 months." This statement is incredible and flat outrageous. No evidence can be found to support such a claim. The domain "oklahomaexpeditions.com" has never been a high-traffic site as rated by Alexa and other monitoring sites. Bandwidth costs alone could be substantial.

This screen indicates Lan Lamphere's claim of a such a large audience that only paying "Overload members" may access him from his radio show. During our observations, few listeners ever called the program at all.

Lamphere later claims that he does not accept callers b/c they "rabbit trail" off the broadcast topic. Our group members have been in the chat room participating with others, and Lamphere unknowingly privately requested that a group member phone in b/c the phone was not ringing. The member declined to do so, and no one was calling in. Only a handful of chat room participants existed.

(Please note that many screen captures exist evidencing any statement made here. Only a fraction of screen captures have been posted.)

We've since discovered that an Internet radio show with a loyal following of even around 3 dozen listeners will generate substantial call-in and chat room activity. We can only conclude that fewer than that were listening to Lamphere.

Lan Lamphere again claims that 1 million watched their programming over a 6 month period. The statement conflicts with other Lamphere claims and none are credible, in our collective opinions. 

Lan Lamphere quotes viewer stats in Oklahoma City and Tulsa Oklahoma of 400K+ viewers per week for his Oklahoma Expeditions programming on Cox cable. The stats are impossible in our opinion. Nothing could ever be found referencing or evidencing this show on the online Cox schedule site as well. There was no show airing at all.

Lamphere emphatically claims here that "Oklahoma Expeditions" is being broadcast on Cox cable and states the day and time of broadcast. No reference to the show can be located on the Cox program schedule website, or anywhere for that matter.

Here is a search of the Cox cable site for "Oklahoma Expeditions." The search was performed 4-1-11, and no results were returned.

This is an Oklahoma City Cox cable schedule with the date and time Lamphere claims Oklahoma Expeditions is to air. No mention of his programming can be located anywhere on the Cox site or or program schedule.

Lan Lamphere assures advertisers that he will attend to their ads. He claims to have been "in the soup" of engineering, which is a claim he used frequently. Or, he said that an equipment failure occurred as the reason for his missed broadcasts. During our observation period, Lamphere broadcast live on average only 3-4 days per week. A 5 day week was rare.

Lan and Taira Lamphere have no published email addresses anywhere that we can locate. This is quite odd to us. Lamphere would frequently reference someone sending him an email or a fax while on air, but none of this information appears on the websites or anywhere else.

Currently, the Lampheres are limiting viewers and new prospects to Facebook or phone contact only.   Many/most company's first contact is via email, and many do not use Facebook. Our question is why are prospects so limited?We discovered one email address on the Pursuit channel website: Producer@femmelocale.tv.

Lan Lamphere frequently claimed to be an alumni of KOKC, a popular 50K watt AM station in Oklahoma City. We checked with KOKC and were informed that Lamphere purchased air time several years ago. He was never employed by KOKC as a talk show host. We found Lamphere claims of being on KOKC in 2000, 2003, 2004, and 2005. KOKC did not adopt a talk format until 2003. It was impossible for Lamphere to be heard on KOKC before 2003.

Lan Lamphere posts a Tweet for "Porn Actors" wanted from his Clearly Skewed account at Twitter. There was no attempt to conceal it. Other ads were also posted online for "Adult Video performers" for Clearly Skewed.

In our opinion, no one would discard Lamphere's claimed long legitimate reputation to engage in porno production, especially in Oklahoma. Adult entertainment production is illegal.

The Lamphere's apparently discovered an adult performer in Taira Lamphere and launched a paid membership-based pornography site. Lan and Taira Lamphere attempted to give the operation some superficially socially redeeming basis as was common in 70s porn, but "adult sex instruction" isn't even a clever ruse. Taira Lamphere is not "Dr. Ruth," and neither did Dr. Ruth ever remove her clothes and demonstrate anything.They attempted to claim that the site was not "pornography" but rather was "hot sex education for adults."

The site was obviously pornographic. Search "HumansLoveSex.com" and MacHollie.com. Both were clearly marked as produced by "Clearly Skewed." MySpace page for  Taira Lamphere as "adult film star Mac Hollie."

No adult photos will be posted here, but they certainly exist as does more undeniable evidence. This discovery took time for us to even reconcile. There is no denying who are the performers, and  this was very disturbing to discover. Adult entertainment production is illegal in Oklahoma.

The Lampheres recently announced a new show named Femme Locale. The show was to air on the Pursuit Channel starting on Sept 30, 2011 and Wealth TV starting Oct 7, 2011 The show appears on the Pursuit Channel website with air times of 7:00 & 7:30 PM Fridays. However, the show cannot be seen on the Pursuit channel website. Nothing occurs when the play button is pressed.

Lan and Taira Lamphere ceased discussing the Pursuit channel and removed it from their websites for a period. Now, they claim the debut date on Pursuit is Oct 7. Lan Lamphere claimed that Wealth TV was demanding an exclusive contract for the show, but nothing appears on the Wealth TV website to support the claim.

Regardless if the program airs on a cable channel, the number of viewers will be limited for some time. A television program requires marketing and development like any other product. Simply appearing on a cable channel, with hundreds of competitors, does not mean that the show will actually be seen by many potential customers.

The Pursuit Channel offers specialized programming targeted at hunting and fishing. The demographic fit of Femme Locale is questionable in our opinion.

Wealth TV advertises its desire for additional programming. Nothing regarding Femme Locale appears on the Wealth TV schedule, and Wealth TV states that the schedule is 4 weeks in advance.

Search Wealth TV directly at this link: http://www.wealthtv.com/

Update: Wealth TV responded to an inquiry about Femme Locale and stated that they have made no commitment to air the show. In fact, they have yet to even receive the show in final format for approval.

The show may never air on Wealth TV, but Lamphere already claims that programming is scheduled. He claimed it was to premier Oct 7, and that is impossible per Wealth TV directly. 
The Lampheres' current ad campaign of 50% off is a red herring since there is no basis for ad costs due to the unknown number of viewers.

Like Lamphere's radio show, sufficient numbers for advertising purposes may never see Femme Locale.

There are very few views of the Femme Locale YouTube channel. See for yourself here: http://www.youtube.com/user/femmelocale

These are web site viewer statistics on 9-28-11 for LanLamphere.com.
Viewership is very low. FemmeLocale.tv viewer stats are even lower.

Such low view counts do not merit paid advertising in our view. The URLs for the various television shows have changed several times in the last 6 months. That further degrades viewership.

This capture indicates a listener questioning the number of Lamphere "broadcast stations," and how the stations are never disclosed by Lan Lamphere.

The low number of listeners and followers can be seen in this cap.

This is the Femme Locale Facebook page on 9-28-11. The show was to debut on the Pursuit channel 9-30-11. The show has a page on the Pursuit channel website, but the video does not function there.

Update 10-8-11. It appears that the show did air on Pursuit, but the number of viewers is the issue. Only a small handful of comments appeared on Facebook regarding the show.  Comments are low even for friends and relatives in our opinion. 

Search Pursuit channel directly at this link: http://pursuitchannel.com/ShowDetail.asp?ShowID=189

Femme Locale appears to have aired, but as predicted, there was little audience consisting mostly of friends and relatives. We will try to obtain viewership counts directly from Pursuit channel and post them here.

A program televised on a "national cable network" has no assurance that reasonable numbers will see it. Pursuit channel is not one of the big four, and Friday nights are challenging for all television. Several other competing shows exist in this space.

This is a sample of court records regarding Lan and Taira Lamphere. Many actions have been filed against them. Legal recourse is usually not worthwhile since their history is to just default and remain uncollectable.

Lan Lamphere also had a $430K judgment against him for defamation, including punitive damages. Google search Shulman v Lamphere.  Lan Lamphere escaped by filing bankruptcy, and the plaintiff challenged the bankruptcy as fraudulent in 2010. The plaintiff was unsuccessful apparently due to legal technicalities.

Here is another default judgment against Lan Lamphere for nearly $11K. Lamphere will take money and then fail to perform. Lamphere practices civil theft plain and simple in our opinion. Losses like this can terribly injure a small firm. A thousand dollars taken from a small firm relying on advertising results can put it on the road to ruin.

Oklahoma court records can be checked free online here. Search "Lamphere."

This cap evidences a pointless conflict with a legitimate broadcaster where Lamphere worked briefly as a producer. Lan Lamphere lasted a matter of weeks.

Lamphere threatens to release secretly made recordings of private conversations. Lamphere has had a $430K judgment against him for defamation. One would think that he would have learned from the experience, but Lamphere has not yet learned from it. He continues to defame with untrue statements even to this day.

Lamphere continues on his public tirade days later and again has more excuses for advertisers.

We observed Lan Lamphere devote an entire radio broadcast interviewing a new advertiser on a Monday, then Lamphere broadcast old stale repeats throughout the rest of the week and then quit radio forever again. The new advertiser received a single show to a handful of listeners only.

Mr. Lan Lamphere contacted us regarding this post. It is at left. We have no desire to converse with him and will not do so any further. His statements and attitude speak for themselves and evidence his approach to complaint and dispute resolution. 

We received reports that Lan Lamphere also sells web site development services,  pockets the money, and then may do very little work. His own web sites have not worked properly when we attempted membership registration.

Complaints exist of non-refunded deposits for wedding photography and sizable incomplete video work. One bride broke up with her fiance and still received no refund of the wedding photography deposit. Lamphere cancelled on another bride but kept the deposit anyway. Reports continue to come in.

The common general opinion of those people who have had interaction with Lan Lamphere is that he is charming and accommodating at first. When he has your money, his attitude changes, and he becomes arrogant, offensive, difficult, and even hostile. His unreliability is another major issue.

We recommend making no advance payments to Lan Lamphere. 

Unstaged photos of the Lampheres.

Taira Lamphere

Lan Lamphere in his studio on air.

The above represents a sample of our diligence findings, common experiences, and all statements are truthful with volumes of supporting evidence.

This posting has no malicious intent. The goal is to motivate the Lampheres to practice fair and honest business. Once they have achieved that, this blog may be removed.

Good luck.
We can be reached at lansfans@yahoo.com.

Click to View

The two images here are removed reader comments. They were posted by Lan Lamphere under an alias and are quite revealing regarding his poor attitude. We responded to all his comments.

He can post any legitimate comment he wants as himself only.  All comments received are now displayed.

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  1. Anonymous8/11/2012

    This page is a good start but just a start. We tried to give these people work a while back and it was a complete disaster. Excuses galore. This guy will take you money and act like he's doing you a favor. We didn't know about the porn but it is not surprising.

  2. Anonymous8/15/2012

    It seems he hasn't changed since he lived in Alabama in the 80's & 90's. He took right at $10,000 in money from his first wife's grandfather to start an art store in Anniston AL - rented the store, bought some stock and then spent the rest of the money eating out - never opened the store. While his first wife was pregnant, cheated on her with a friends' wife - sending their marriage to divorce court. Then was in jail a couple of times for bad checks. He is very talented in his cons - very convincing. I for one am very glad that he's not in Alabama any longer!

    1. Anonymous8/21/2012

      I don't usually say anything but I had to laugh at this one. We said that Lamphere would rob his own grandmother and it turns out it was his wife's grandfather. We got took as well, all his BS about being a family man and whatnot. His work was so bad that a school kid could have done it but he wants big money. He thinks he's entitled to it too. He's got a young wife and she tolerates it and even helps him. It's the strangest damn thing we ever saw. These people are bad news, he's a serious nut. We never knew such dishonest people even existed. We got a lesson alright.

      For every person who actually says something, there's usually a lot who don't. We wish this site had been here for us. These people got away with it a long time. Amazing.

    2. Anonymous12/04/2012

      It amazes me that these people live with several minors in the house.

    3. A stronger word than amazes applies in my mind. Taira, do you know what word is used for women who have sex for money on the Internet?


    4. Anonymous1/04/2013

      Please, keep those nuts in Oklahoma. The people who were scammed and terrorized by Lamphere and his first wife are much better off without them.

    5. Anonymous2/20/2013

      They have scammed and terrorized plenty in Oklahoma. These people are unbelievable parasites and I don't know which one is worse.

    6. Anonymous3/10/2013

      OMG! Both these people are completely nuts! Ur right that they'r bloodsuckers. I have never seen anything like this. Just wow.

    7. Anonymous3/17/2013

      I can't get over how strange it is. Ya know, Lamphere cheated on his first wife with Taira which says a lot about them both. I can see why he's in it but her not so much. If she has daddy issues she's going to have to find one with some actual sugar. It seems all they do is take. They terrorize the kids more than anybody. Sad.

    8. Anonymous3/25/2013

      I'm with you...this is major dysfunction. i've never even heard anything like it and its both of em. Some times an easy ride gets real expensive.

  3. Anonymous8/26/2012

    I have been scammed for $1000.00 in December 2010 all the promises never materialized and he wanted more money for other advertisement venues a very short time after the initial payment.
    I personally know 2 other reputable companies that were scammed by Lan Lamphere.
    Shame on him, I hope this haunts him for the rest of his life as you cannot run and hide from the internet.

    1. Anonymous12/10/2012

      I got the exact same treatment. I know another company that spent a lot more than a $1000 and it's now GONE. Show this guy any money and he will just keep digging, and it got old fast.

      I don't think that this place is going anywhere soon. Lamphere is calling the site moderator a b*tch and a c*nt in an email in a screen up there, and then he DARES her to post it online. How completely stupid is that? She already put up a gripe site...

      You should call those other companies and then get hold of the people here. I plan on it.

  4. Anonymous9/08/2012

    I was suspicious but Lamphere had a real good pitch for our products. So I only got a month to see how it would turn out. We got no response from it. We always get action every time we advertise and nothing this time that I can remember. That was back in 2010 and I was just checking to see if he was even still around. I listened to his show a few times and you all are right that nobody was calling in.

    Something I do recall is that his website was constantly changing during the time. It was like three different websites. Every time I would come back to it, it was entirely different. It wasn't bad but I thought it was odd and my ad was in a different location.

    Advertising is an easy scam. If nothing happens then they blame your products as being undesirable. So in the end they don't have to produce anything. You are doing the right thing with this site, but you'll never get any money back. Scammers think they work too hard to ever give back any money. That's been my experience with them.

  5. Oklahoma is OK9/21/2012

    I followed this site for a while and know Lan and Taira Lamphere. I am not going to say how cause they will go after me then, but this guy is just plain crazy crazy. I saw him once going on about "chem trails" and it was just a big commercial jet way up high. Lamphere has no morals or decency code to live by except when it suits him. He knows the difference between right and wrong though and can put on an act but only for a while. He can be charming though but he is the poster boy for pathological liar and that is no joke. He has told people that he is a former special forces soldier, a recon sniper, a former sheriffs officer, a big "hired gun" photographer for all the big news networks for many years traveling the world, and just continuous crap how popular he is on radio and stations that want him and so on and so on.

    Nothing on here is surprise really. Scams, pimping his wife, porno, I mean come on, in Norman Oklahoma? Lamphere has been involved in more just weird sh*t then you can shake a stick at for years even. He scrounges a way to get money by hook or by crook and its mostly by crook. They know what they are doing and they will say anything to any body. Everybody is a money target. He has a bunch of kids and he uses that to get to people with some sad sap story. I mean, he'll lie when he doesn't even have to and its always some big thing or big problem he has or something major he did before or whatever. Most people want to help and Lamphere takes advantage of that and those people never ran into anybody like this guy. You literally cannot believe anything he says. You probably cannot even imagine how dishonest he is but he will argue until he's blue in the face what a great guy he is and how he tells the truth and is "honest." He claims that in one of those screens above, the third from the bottom and how his "truth telling" gets him in trouble.

    You know, he has some talent but he's so full of it that he can't stay with anything and he rubs people the wrong way. Its like he can't finish anything and it's always somebody else's fault. He takes no responsibility for anything. Somebody always screws him or does him dirty but its never him. Like all he had to do is take pictures and he screws people on that and for a lot of money. Its just dumb. It doesn't make any sense especially with the internet. The internet keeps most people honest. Lamphere will justify what he thieves with some reason that makes sense only to him. Those people probably ruffled his feathers somehow so he stiffs them thinking he deserves it for some reason. I am actually really surprised it took this long for a site like this to come up.

  6. Oklahoma is OK9/21/2012

    Lamphere does need help of some kind but he has to admit that first and I don't think his tender ego can handle that. He has had many opportunities but he runs people off. He can maintain as normal for a short time and then he goes off like psycho. He thinks that he's some kind of genius and everybody is too stupid to understand him. He even wrote that he is a "genius" on his site once. Another time he had that his "time and talent" was worth about $3750.00 an hour and he had a five hour minimum. He is a definitely a legend in his own mind. You have to just shake your head and say what the hell? Is he kidding or what? He's not kidding. Lamphere maybe had a few hundred people listening to his radio show tops during its heyday. He compares himself to all the big names in radio though and he's completely full of sh*t and he does it with a straight face. If any big names were pulling his crap, that would be all over blogs and websites too.

    He married that young girl Taira finally and she's no better. You go into porn and you better stay there because those pictures will never go away. 20 years from now she will be explaining those to somebody. He's crazy but what is her excuse then? She is plenty old enough to know better. I saw on her Facebook page once where she was telling Lan how that "he was such a good provider." They are just robbing people blind and she's just encouraging him and not in a good way. She also said once on Facebook "Happiness is true love and financial responsibility." I about spit out my coffee and it shows she is bad as him. They put up a major big phony front. They were together a long time and had a kid but he wasn't even divorced yet. He finally got divorced and turned around a few weeks later and married Taira.

    They want to be on the radio or make television shows or do whatever they want to do. They are not doing what they need or should be doing for their kids. Its all about them and kids come second. It is just the opposite with anyone else I ever knew. I feel bad for the kids and I think that Lan & Taira are very very selfish people. They look for a constant easy buck or they think its an easy one. I don't know how they can do it but probably neither one can hold a job for any time. They should get in the real world and learn real fast how to make an honest dollar. I think that Lamphere enjoys robbing people though or he wouldn't be doing it this long. I suspect that he gets off somehow thinking that he got something over on somebody and got away with it. He used to brag about what kind of "master story teller" he is. Everybody else calls it bald faced lying.

    I think that this site will actually be a good thing for them in the long run. Well, its good for everybody. I think somebody will probably shoot him eventually if he keeps going like he has. He will rob the wrong bunch some time sooner or later and he can be obnoxious as hell. Something said above about knowing something is wrong and not saying anything means that you are part of the problem is true. I thought about that for a long time. So my two cents goes in or I am part of the problem.

    You know, back in the old west the townsfolk used to deal direct with outlaws a lot of the time. It was not always the sheriff and the people got together and solved a problem on their own. That is still happening but on the internet now. That is interesting I think. I would wonder when Lamphere would finally wind up in jail and I would check arrests in the paper every once in a while. He should spend some time there because maybe it will wake them up. You cannot just live like Bonnie and Clyde forever. They can lose kids to the state over what they do. It's just plain dumb and those kids will grow up to hate them. You can't choose relative and the kids will have to learn that or probably already know.

  7. Another Mad Okie9/24/2012

    All I can say is karma, Lamphere, karma. The universe does right itself, indeed. Lan Lamphere burned us alright - as badly as anyone could. The PD stated that since he had done "some work, no matter how minimal," it remained a civil issue, and there was absolutely nothing that they could do. They were sympathetic, but their hands were completely tied by the law.

    We tried to be good people and help him out, and he repaid our goodwill by literally robbing us. Unfortunately, we will never forget him.

  8. Anonymous10/22/2012

    You people are sick and down right disturbing. It's your own damn fault for allowing yourself to be put in a situation in which you didn't recieve exactly what you wanted. Leave this poor man and his family alone before the karma is insued back upon you. If you all are such good people then you wouldn't have gone out of your way to make another person miserable. Hell will be upon you in this life or another. I hope you are well prepared to suffer the same amount you are intending to cause to this man.

    1. Norman Pride10/28/2012

      This comment has got to be by Lamphere. He's the only person who thinks that believing his BS claims is "our own damn fault." This is like a rapist blaming the victim.

      Is it someone other than Lamphere's responsibility when he lies, cheats, and steals? Porn, a string of judgments, and a parade of angry people are no "mistake."

      He'd protect his reputation by being honest and decent were he all that concerned with "family."

    2. Your sympathy pitch gets old, Lamphere. I saw a guy get beaten half to death on YouTube for trying to steal a bicycle. You've been robbing and hurting people for years, and you still expect them to feel sorry for you? They won't.

      This page has hardcore evidence on it. These aren't "rumors" here, only your own big foul mouth. You're not entitled to what you do. Most of the prison population has kids, and a judge and jury puts bad people away every day.

    3. Anonymous2/02/2013

      The Internet is why you don't screw people cause they will push back. Your manifesto up there is completely FOS Lan. The only "free speech" is "true speech" Mr Public Figure.

      You forget who you scammed but they don't forget you.

      I'll take my chances with my karma.

    4. Anonymous2/20/2013

      Boo hoo.

  9. Anonymous11/03/2012

    Ya know. I am willing to bet that his wife only knows %10 of what it is he actually is doing to people. I think he sells his craziness to her just like he sells it to others. In some ways I feel really sorry for her, and a slim part for him. I know Lan. Had the unfortunate experience of that some years ago. I too tried to help him several times, but then found out he was running around behind my back, and trying to throw me under the bus to better him self. His radio show had potential to be a good one. But sadly he could not keep his ego in check and would end up making him self look like a tool. He had a man on his program one night and all Lan did was attack him. He exposed personal information about the man, accused him of some horrific things and did it all with a smile on his face. He would con people to come on his show to set them up and make them look stupid. He did this kind of radio for years. If you have ever listened to any of his podcasts you will understand what I mean.
    I know Lan comes here to read, so I will say this: Lan, get your act together. Step up and show that you are the man you claim to be and admit where you did wrong. For the sake of your family own where you have done wrong. As for Taira, I hope I am correct in thinking that you don't really know what your husband is doing to people. That all of your involvement in this has been a result of ignorance and part of you being scammed by Lan. If that is not the case, I would hope one of you look on this site and see it for what it is. A mirror of you. I hope for both your sakes, you can do something, anything to make things right. Goodluck.

    1. Anonymous12/01/2012

      You mean the Lan Lamphere that will lie to your face, steal from you, and then stab you in the back on top of it? That guy? I didn't think that I was the only one either. You can't help this guy. He doesn't appreciate anything. He's got no loyalty, honor, or self-respect. This site shocked me at first, but it was inevitable. Another comment above talks about him sleeping with a friend's wife...shows you the kind of "friend" he is. I thought his jerk persona on air was an act, but no, it's the way he is. He's got some kind of toxic major malfunction of some kind going on. He's the only person I ever heard brag about "making enemies." He's good at it obviously.

    2. Anonymous3/11/2013

      This is a good try but it won't do any good. I can't see him coming here b/c it violates his reality. The guy's a complete psycho. Nobody in their right mind pulls his shit. The porn is what really pissed off the webmaster here. People don't want that in OK much less Norman.

  10. Anonymous11/07/2012

    Your comment about the Lampheres is very well said. We gave Taira the benefit of the doubt too, but she's in it up to her ears. Taira knows exactly what Lan does and she helps. See her porno pictures up there with a condom in her mouth. That's just gross and sick, and nobody could trick her into that.

    Lan & Taira know the difference between right and wrong. They're real good at claiming to be decent - just like you said - but mostly what they really do is scam money, and she makes excuses for him. She acts all like little Miss Susie Homemaker with SIX kids on her Facebook. Porn and scams in little Norman, Oklahoma. What complete BS.

    I think that all they do is lie to themselves, and it finally caught up to them. You're absolutely correct that this place is a mirror of them, and the Lampheres still deny it.

  11. Anonymous11/09/2012

    That's really sad to hear. After a little more digging I found he is hooked up with Scotty Roberts "http://www.scottalanroberts.com/" This is the guy on their ustream.tv video. He also has claimed to be close to Dwight Schults http://www.facebook.com/pages/William-Dwight-Schultz-Howling-Mad-Murdock/49123266884. And linked to Don Eckert http://www.darkmattersradio.com. I know with 100% centenary that he has used these peoples names to further his scams. Maybe they should be contacted and asked about Lan. At least these people can defend them self and publicly state they have nothing to do with Lan so he can not pull his con game by using their name anymore. He also has listed Scott Bell http://www.robertscottbell.com/ as someone that is apart of his "Radio network" as well as Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs.com
    Maybe these people need to be informed that Lan used their name to pull off these advertising scams in some attempt to cut off his resources for sucking people in.

    1. Anonymous11/12/2012

      I don't think those people will have anything to do with him. I know Roberts and Bell won't. There's a screen cap up there where Lan is badmouthing a guy that works with Bell. Roberts was "like a brother" for a dozen years but I read that Lan ran off with money on a magazine deal.

      Lan likes to name drop but he just uses people, as you know. It's kind of a surprise, to me anyway, that a site like this didn't come up sooner. I sent the people that run this place some info, and they wouldn't use it because it was too personal. They asked me not to post it in comments either, so I didn't.

      What you said to Lan is the best thing that could be said.

    2. Anonymous3/17/2013

      The magazine thing was Intrepid Magazine. I bought a subscription through Lan's website and then next thing you know he has dropped it. Scotty Roberts picked it up and honored all the subscriptions as far as I know even though I doubt he saw a cent. The magazine is still up and running and completely legit and awesome.

    3. Anonymous3/20/2013

      Yeah that was the name of it. Scotty's the real deal. He's a pro and a heck of a nice guy too. All the advertisers and subscriptions were honored but he got nothing from it. Scotty never said anything but somebody else knew the situation and said that Scotty got stiffed in that.

  12. LOL...Man, Lamphere is too much. I run an internet radio station and he contacted a coupleof years ago and asked if he caild put a live show on my network. I think it was Overnight AM. I aggreed and not even a week and a half goes by and he totally changed the format. For a week, it was polital right, then it was independant. Then he wanted to quit, and then he came back. I got very tired of him dropped his show (or whatever it was) from my network. Luckily he didn't scam me out of anything like he did others. This guy is a complete sociopath! When I would talk to him, everything was all about him. A total narsicist!
    I'm really sorry to hear that he has hurt so many people, but that is what a sociopath does. They prey on the good intentions of others. They have no conscience, are pathological liars, and view their scamming as a justifyable entitlement!
    Eventually, this idiot will implode (as they all do). You folks might want to get some broadcast media involved. Like 60 Minutes or watchdog type segments on local news..
    Best wishes to everyone! And Lan, your days as a social preditor are numbered!!!

    1. Anonymous12/10/2012

      This is a good comment from someone in the business. Can you please enlighten us as to what kind of audience this character had? All he has to do is post verifiable listener numbers to shut up anybody complaining. That's simple enough.

      Lamphere enrages people. You can't expect him to to just do what he promises, like his work, because it's putting him out. He claims in writing up there to "just phone him" to work out anything. You complain to him and that man will tell you to "f*ck off."

      People don't forget Lamphere. You have this coming you lying prick.

    2. Anonymous2/09/2013

      This is a helluva comment. I know shows with audiences like Lamphere claimed. Listeners raise hell if you change it. Mike is describing Lamphere looking for an audience. LL would sit there and act like Limbaugh and only a handful of people were listening.

      How long did you think you could keep up the charade Lan...think no one would ever find out...? Truth is far stranger than fiction.

      This site pretty much counts as an implosion, Mike.

  13. Anonymous11/26/2012

    So this is what happened. It sure makes a monkey out of me. I looked at this site real good, and this guy isn't a nut - he's just a low life crook. They want to be in the "entertainment business", but they're only entertaining themselves on other peoples' money. That is what they're doing alright.

    This is real swift, Lan. You should be more careful. Someone may say something bad about you on the Internet, friggin idiot.

    1. Lamphere is a crook AND a complete fruitcake. This place is barely the tip of the iceberg. If you can't comply with societal rules, Lan, they will be imposed on you. That's exactly what happened here.

      I would have the meanest lawyer on the planet all over this in minutes and you haven't even seen one. Why not is the question. Those are screens of your sites, and I stopped counting at 3 dozen. You won't put anything in emails but you'll post any asinine thing online and think it just goes away.

      Claiming 403,000 viewers for a program that airs only in your head is damned crazy.

    2. Anonymous4/14/2013

      You responded to my comment. lamphere's more crook than nut. You look at his sites and he's very calculating but he got sloppy. Promise the moon and when nothing happens, eventually somebody will start looking.

      I don't know if he can sue but he should have got a lawyer. More keeps coming out the longer this page is here.

  14. Anonymous12/17/2012

    DAYUM! I’ve got nothing else to add…maybe ditto? LOL

    Well, Lamphere, the best you can do is whimper like a little girl, “It’s not true… I’m a victim…I never scammed anyone.” You may be a victim of your mama dropping you on your head, but that’s about it.

    The rest of this place is dead on - they have experience with you - and these comments are quite astute. I’ve got nothing else to say except that if anyone deserves it, you do.

  15. Anonymous1/25/2013

    Its about darned time. I still haven't got my commercial from Femme Local.

  16. Anonymous2/02/2013

    Don't bother suing this guy...he won't show in civil court. Mr. Genius Lamphere figured out there is no debtor prison but he obviously forgot about the court of public opinion.

    I sent the site moderator a mail asking them to never take this site down. Lamphere has been shafting people on video work for years. He can't do it or whatever his problem is. I don't care.


    Another Hitler Wannabe

    1. I agree...don't ever take this site down. I capped the site and will put it back up if it goes away.

  17. Anonymous3/04/2013

    Anybody know where I can get hold of this guy? Email, phone, anything?

    1. Anonymous7/16/2014

      405-812-1334 got a sales call today from him.

    2. Anonymous11/21/2015

      Run from anything named "Tuxpro" including photography. It was formerly "lamphere Photography" he will screw up your wedding in two seconds or steal your deposit as much as anything. It's 50-50 getting anything out of that man. Get somebody with good references.

  18. Damn, Lamphere, somebody popped you like the zit you are on the ass of the world. GOOD. You're probably the only person surprised. Be a fraud or a fuckin asshole but don't be both. It just makes people especially furious. Go learn to pilot the big rigs, or work in the oil fields, or shovel shit at a feedlot for that matter. Its honest work and you should learn it.

  19. Anonymous3/21/2013

    I can't add anything but some of these comments deserve thumbs up. Geez this guy has people from the 80s still pissed off. I've never seen anything like this. I can understand it but have never seen it.

    1. Anonymous4/07/2013

      Lamphere pisses people off permanently.... this guy goes way back. He claimed to be on the US Olympic Shooting Team and got a bunch of sponsors back in Alabama. This man will pull just anything out his ass and swear on it. This site is no surprise by any means. All he had to do to get it down was fly right..it says right there and Lamphere can't do it to save his own butt or he doesn't want to...

    2. Anonymous4/10/2013

      WTH? Who would claim something like that? I guess its why it works cause no one would do it. It goes to show do something wrong long enough and you get caught. Most people wont do anything like that. I wouldn't want the stress. Good god man.

    3. Anonymous4/14/2013

      His arrogance is what does it. He rips people off and then is insulting for good measure. I read on scam artists and its what they do. They justify their actions but Lan pulls stuff where people will hate him forever. Screw somebody on a wedding and it starts a marriage on a sour note. He's self destructive. I can't explain it.

  20. Anonymous4/28/2013

    I have to 3rd the motion - leave the site up. Here's another example where he was paid up front and never delivered anything. How anyone can do that is beyond me.


  21. Anonymous5/18/2013

    Look down the comments on that link and see how lan treats his 'freinds.' Stole from that guy then tries to extort him and then defames on his show. Lamphere admitted that it was all bogus trying to get money out the gtuy. I mean what an absolute fuckin bastard. I have never seen anything like it.

  22. Anonymous5/30/2013

    I listened to Lan's Overnight AM for a few weeks. It was immediately obvious that he was a narcissist, but the lying became gradually obvious over time.

    It must have been obvious to everyone at some point, because he would regularly say things like "we have hundreds of people in the chat room, ladies and gentlemen. This show is hot!" when there were 8 or 10 of us in reality.

    It was pathetic.

  23. Another Sucker6/02/2013

    Nobody likes being lied to and even the listeners could tell. Lamphere never figured a sponsor may be in the chat room looking to see where their money went. The chat room was likely 30-50% of his total audience.

    Listeners and sponsors were all customers and opportunities and Lamphere pisses on them all. He wanted a bunch of money for nothing and look where it got him.

    His insulting screwball excuses only make it worse. He rips people off but its "their fault." The moderator here is a grandmother and a really nice person and Lamphere claims she's sending him death threats. Unbelievable. I would have made this site a hell of a lot worse.

  24. Anonymous6/12/2013

    I can add Lamphere posed as some hot shot Private Investigator and took a lot of money off some people a few years ago. He fed those people BS a long time and it was big money. That man will say or do absolutely anything with his hand stuck out.

    Nobody Photoshopped all those screen shots and Lamphere has a mean streak in him. He likes to hurt people and he shows not a bit of remorse or regret or any attempt to reconcile anything.

    I say to leave this site up cause the both of them are adults and parasite is a good word for them. They think taking money for nothing is ok and they did it a long time.

  25. Anonymous6/25/2013

    Overnight AM in a nutshell:

    "Sorry we're late ladies and gentlemen, but we are having some technical difficulties... please bear with us."

    Music for 10 minutes

    "Tonight's guest is Leo Donofrio! This man is a hero, a real hero. We'll get him on the line soon."

    20 minutes of Lan trying to get his new "state-of-the-art" phone system working

    "Sorry, we're going to have to re-schedule. Have I told you about my studio, though? WOW! Big, expensive stuff. Real professional stuff, here. Blah blah blah, cost 50 grand, I'm so awesome."

    "Now seems like a good time to mention our friends at Mocha-Doo's... Mmmm, Mocha-Doo's. The best coffee I've ever had. I'm drinking some right now!"

    Mocha-Doo's owner in chat room says "Thanks, Lan!" and the other 7 of us look at the comment thinking "How much are they paying for an ad that's being heard by 12 people?"

    5 more minutes of music, including a cut-short broadcast of an Eminem song about sex, for which Lan issues an apology in the form of "Whoa, my bad ladies and gentlemen! Taira and I must have gotten our 'bedroom' playlist mixed in there somehow! Have you seen my wife? How young and hot she is?" No doubt this was on purpose to kill time, and get a mention of having sex with his wife in.

    5 more minutes of music followed by him babbling and opening up the phones... one person from the chatroom calls in, swears while explaining something, and gets kicked.

    "Well that's all, folks! Tune in next time. Hopefully we can speak to Leo."

    Next time: Lan gets Leo Donofrio on the phone. The conversation quickly transforms into Lan attacking Leo for no reason, and screaming "GET THE F$#% OFF MY PHONE!" and hanging up on him.

    "Mmmm... Mocha-Doo's..."

    "This show is HOT, people! We have thousands of listeners... WOW!"

    "Call in any time! This is LIVE, not a re-broadcast! If you can hear my voice RIGHT NOW, it's live! Call in!"

    (I guess he didn't realize that we could hear that statement on the recording too, so it was pretty confusing once it started streaming as a re-broadcast... pretty amateurish thing to do.)

    Nobody calls. He blathers on about nothing but himself and his awesome studio, and how he's going to be syndicated. There was a lot of dead air while he conversed with "his technician".

    I stopped listening after a few more shows, because it was cringe worthy... the last few shows, I tuned in just to confirm that he was indeed still pulling the same crap, which he always was. Every time I tuned in, he was either talking about himself, his studio, his wife, or apologizing and making excuses for one thing or another... oh, and reassuring you that you weren't the only listener. He was always doing that.

    At least he was amusing, at his own expense. Too bad it was at the expense of his sponsors as well.

    Thank you for creating this blog. Lan is like a cockroach; he scurries away when you shine the light on him, but he'll be back as soon as you go away. PLEASE, do not take this blog down. People need to be able to find out about this guy before they get robbed.

    1. Anonymous6/28/2013

      Thumbs up for best comment! You must be a honcho from one of those big radio stations always trying to recruit Lamphere.

      I think Lamphere shafts everybody in one way or another, but he mostly screws himself. He knows what he does is wrong but does it anyway.

      Fraud is unsustainable, it's ugly when exposed, and any little kid could tell you that.

  26. Anonymous7/30/2013

    Well, well, well....King Shit turns out to have no clothes...imagine that....just look at this place.

    This site in a nutshell:

    Frauds, thieves, pornographers.

    These people are the most dishonest, deceitful, patently atrocious, and flakiest sleazeballs that you will ever have the misfortune to encounter.

    At least the lyin ugly fuck exposed himself: Lamphere defrauds people, defames and tries to extort people, makes secret recordings of phone conversations, uses, abuses and flat robs or stiffs literally anyone, bad mouths and insults everybody including paying customers, and he will vigorously claim absolutely any outrageous BS fantasy about his work skills, past history, or current business....and that's how he treats his "friends" and has for decades.

    The guy isn't really qualified at anything, but Lamphere insists that he is a big "nationally syndicated" radio guy, big television guy, big computer guy, "award winning" photojournalist, and so on ad nausem. He gets in way over his head and then blames everyone except himself, but he takes your money nonetheless and may provide nothing at all. His entire business approach is to be "unprovable and uncollectable" and play at whatever the fuck he wants on your dime.

    Lamphere is a genuine public hazard, but his self-description is a Boy Scout - Choir Boy - Mr. Rogers clone. He has no useful conscience that can be observed, and he expects society to tolerate his behavior without adverse consequences to him.

    He turned his wife into just another Internet slut, and she allowed it like a spineless desperate nitwit. Prostituting his wife that way evidences that he will not give one solitary fuck about you, and not a single person has come to his defense here....not one.

    How dangerously fuckin stupid must these misfits be to have and deserve a tribute like this on the Internet?? I mean really..?! Lamphere considers himself a "genius," but he couldn't get this site down by simply going legit - he doesn't have a clue how.

    Put it this way: If somebody capped the lyin fuck, the line up of suspects with motive would circle the block. The cops would probably shrug and head for a donut. That's how bad this miserable asshole is, and no telling what else they do besides what's known here.

    The only good way to deal with this deluded criminal nutjob and his enabling accomplice airhead is not to. Whomever put up this site deserves a public service award.

    NEVER take this site down. Hell no... Hang their own actions on their "celebrity" asses for life and force them into honest work.

    And that is what this site says in a nutshell....to me. I could be wrong.

    Look on the bright side, Lamphere; At least you won't have to wait until you're dead to know what people say about you. Every model American celebrity genius has an evidenced free speech memorial to them like this online, sure.

    1. Anonymous10/03/2013

      Wow, I wish I was as ellocant as you are,
      Scammed by Lan Lamphere in 2010 Overnight AM Radio Show Advertising $1,000.00
      After I was referred to him by some Companies I deal with which did the same thing, except they lost so much more then me (thousands of USD).

      After speaking to him, within half hour, I transferred $ 1000.00 to his paypal account.
      Overnight AM Radio Show Advertising
      Item # 11232010-a $1,000.00 1 $1,000.00

      Weeks passed by and nothing was showing on the his website let alone airtime ads,
      I will not go into the excuse this Lan Lamphere came up with, some made somewhat sense, but in retrospect it was a scam the whole time.

      Unbelieveable, he was even asking for more money to expand the advertisement campaign even before starting the first one by claiming other syndicated channels bla bla bla , but I never went for it,
      I got to speak with some of his advertisers and voila, some offered to join forces and sue the poor sap.
      I chose to leak my wounds which were very superficial compared to some other scammed entities we are talking 1000s of dollars as in many thousands with in most cases that I know personally , ABSOLUTELY NO SERVICE RENDERED WHAT SO EVER.
      What was promised from

      Note from merchant
      Xxxxxxxxxx, with payment of the total owed for 365 days (one year) XXXXXXXX.COM will receive 1 (30) and 1 (60) sec promo spots, live and recorded endorsements, plus banner advertising on the Overnight AM radio show website and inside the Overnight AM radio show program ) And other shows produced by Clearly Skewed Entertainment ). These spots will air at least once per hour for the next year due to the nature of the product you are selling (XXXXXXXXXXXX). Lan Lamphere (me) will cut the commercials and air them inside the program. TOTAL COST for ONE YEAR is $1000.00 (NON RECURRING)

      Clearly Skewed Entertainment
      1434 Aladdin St
      Norman, OK 73072
      United States

      Overnight AM Radio Show Advertising
      Item # 11232010-a $1,000.00 1 $1,000.00

  27. Anonymous11/02/2013

    That comment above for $1000 says it all...

    But you people have the whole wrong idea about this guy....he's NOT just a scammer...

    He's a malicious fucking lunatic...

    He never even bothered to post the the worthless ads nobody was ever going to see or hear anyway. The man just brazenly robs people but somehow "it's your own damn fault"according to him.

    That's the way a scammer thinks. These are complaining ripped off customers here and all Lamphere does is provoke them even more.

    The first thing a fraud will do when caught is deny it like hell and start screaming bloody murder you did something to em - that's just what this guy does. He is nothing new or special.

    This is a complaint site Lan, they are common, and nobody wants one. People have a right to complain, they will, and they did.

    Nobody can do this to you Lamphere, you can only do this to yourself, and you did....pure lunacy...plain and simple

  28. Anonymous12/17/2013

    Lunatic is a good word for this MF and what a tale of woe scammers can weave.

    All I can say is this why you don't fuck people, Lamphere. It's hard to sue for the truth, and nobody likes frauds, thieves, or pornographers, especially judges. You maybe can get a judge to order this page down when it's no longer "relevant or material," and that may be a very long assed time.

    You think nothin would ever happen? Was it worth it? You swear you never scammed anyone but you're charging thousands for literally nothing but somehow think you "deserve it." How many people have you robbed? How much food have you taken off tables of other people or how many of their kids have you hurt so you can "do what you enjoy?"

    What you "deserve" is right here you lying MF. These aren't "mistakes" on here...they're "felonies." Your lucky it's only a bitch site.

  29. Anonymous12/18/2014

    Well keep up the good work, because the guy is back. Can you actually believe it? The nut ball is back. Amazing!

    1. Anonymous12/18/2014

      Oh and he calls him self Saint Lan now. o.O

  30. PART TWO

    "At one time I foolishly looked up to you. Not any more. Given to the opportunity to take all that you have (nothing) and destroy it in front out of spite, I gladly would.

    "I'm not your friend because you have not treated me like a friend. I'm just a resource for you that you can not loose. A free ride on the coat tails of my hard work. Not any more dude. You're a two faced lying sack of human waste. I want nothing more to do with you. And I'm not the only person who knows it. EVERYONE knows it. Thats why it always appears that everyone you know fucks you over. It's because they catch on pretty quick. Not everyone is as dumb as you think they are. In fact, the only people more stupid than you is the people that openly call you their friend.

    "So.. were done with this.. Let it go. Look for your check.. Spend my money... Enjoy it! I'll be beating-off to the sound of "Kaa-Ching" thinking about your wife spending it.

    Lan "leave me alone" Lamphere"

    * * * * * * * * * * * *
    E N D L E T T E R
    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    As you have already assumed, I never saw a check. And his mail demonstrates precisely how he reacts when confronted over his misdeeds.

    In my opinion, Lan Lamphere is a brilliant, intelligent, multi-talented sociopath, with no conscience and no moral compass. If he would do this to a "friend," I can only imagine what he did to others. And after contacting some of the advertisers Lamphere had secured for Intrepid Magazine, I saw precisely what he had done.

    After the events of the above financial fiasco, I had Lamphere sign Intrepid Magazine completely over to me. I was surprised I could even get him to agree to that. In retrospect, I think it is because, as I learned a few months later, he was attempting to leave me hanging with all the advertisers he had swindled out of money. Some of you are represented here, and I have had private conversations with you.

    As for why I am speaking up, now, it is because Lamphere's name has once again been linked to mine, and I want to ensure that it is clearly understood that I was lied to by Lamphere, along with many others.

    I am not one to give up on my friends easily, even when they have done wrong. But I had to draw the line when he misrepresented something I was intimately involved with, and when he willingly did damage to my family.

    Intrepid Magazine, I am happy to report, has gone on to perform well, and expanded into Intrepid Radio (www.intrepidradio.com) and the Intrepid Paradigm Radio Network (www.intrepidparadigm.com), as well as an annual conference I hold in the Minneapolis area, The Paradigm Symposium (www.paradigmsymposium.com). Since my partnership ended with Lan, I have also gone on to have three books published by New Page Books, as well as participation in two anthology pieces by the same publisher. I have also gone on to found Exodus Reality Adventures (www.exodusreality.com), with my good friend, co-author and business partner, John Ward, British archaeologist living and working in Luxor, Egypt.

    Despite being a firsthand witness to the demise and fall of an old friend, the absence of Lan Lamphere in my life has left no gaping hole.

    Scotty Roberts

    (651) 468-8115

    1. PART ONE

      Lan Lamphere is a former friend of mine, with whom I was a partner in the founding of Intrepid Magazine back in 2010. That partnership swiftly led to the demise of our friendship and my realization that I was dealing with a complete sociopath.

      For the record, I didn't say much about this situation publicly, as I simply wanted to move on and forward. However, upon four years of reflection, and the rediscovery of this blog, I wanted to throw in my 2¢ worth.

      Lan and I had been friends for about 12 years when he approached me to start "Intrepid Magazine" with him. At the time, I was the Editor-In-Chief of TAPS ParaMagazine (2009-2010), the official publication of SyFy Network's, "Ghost Hunters."

      After much persuasion from Lan, I left TAPS and came on board Intrepid Mag. He was to be the Publisher and I was to be the Editor-In-Chief and Creative Director. Lan made it very clear that he and his wife were to be the “owners” of the magazine, while I was taking on a partnership role in the aforementioned capacities. Lamphere was in charge of selling all subscriptions and advertisements, as well as the handling of all the revenue via his PayPal and personal/business bank accounts.

      In January through April of 2011, Lan informed me that he had sold 400+ subscriptions, as well as ten ads for the magazine, which he sold at $2000 each (some of you are here on this site). I was to receive 50% of the gross revenues to run the magazine and pay myself.

      I never saw a single dime, and I later learned from individual advertisers that Lamphere had sold them the ads under false pretenses.

      In April of 2011, after spending four months creating the magazine and working for no pay, I contacted Lamphere and asked for the agreed-upon percentage of revenues. He stalled for two or more weeks, before cutting off all contact and disappearing with what he had previously reported as being in excess of $25,000 of Intrepid Magazine funds.

      When I confronted him, this was the email (unedited) that he sent to me...

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      S T A R T L E T T E R
      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      "I wish you all the best in the future. No hard feelings. I've just had enough bullshit from you to last a lifetime. Besides, with a friend like you who the hell needs enemies...

      "One more thing. If you want to chalk this up to my "Lan Thing" you go right ahead. See how far my "Lan Thing" goes. You sit back on your ass and watch to see if my "Lan Thing" has any merit or durability.

      "I think you'll be shocked to learn that I DO BELIEVE that I am better than you in every way. In fact, I know I am. I do look down on you from on high. I have more money than you. I have a car, a drivers license.. I have insurance.. I'm happy with what I have and I fuck my wife in the ass with a 9 inch dick. And, more importunely, at least from your perspective, I'm going to pay you every dime you deserve because I want you to spend my money. I want the satisfaction of you spending my money on your wife and child knowing I didn't need you, or your work, but gave it to you anyway. Because I can afford it. Of course, you wont want to take it. But you have no other choice. You need it. You need it from another man who is better, more talented and intelligent than you are. Honestly I get off on that. It's like fucking your wife while you're forced to watch, helpless, as she screams my name."


  31. Sorry... something got messed up and PART TWO posted before PART ONE. But I am pretty sure you can all figure it out. ;)


    1. Anonymous4/03/2015

      Thanks for coming fwd. I wonder if LL is still looking down on you from on high? He robbed more than 400 people in one fell swoop including you and doesn't blink. Amazing and disturbing to the max...thief is a step up for this guy.

      I don't see anything smart or intelligent about this man. He's his own worst enemy but constantly proclaims that he's a victim. His ranting reveals a perverse logic and obvious jealousy. I am unsure if he is more delusional or simply dishonest but he firmly believes that you should just let him steal from you. All of his responses on this page indicate that attitude.

      I also wonder if he will label you a crazed stalker, a hopeless liar, insanely jealous, or perhaps all? I do believe that even Dr. Lector and Freud combined would be at a loss to explain this man. Raving malicious f*cking lunatic says it best.

      btw - He claimed on Haunted America Radio that his show had been on 288 radio stations. Go to minute 40:00.


    2. Anonymous7/17/2016

      Scotty - Thank you for posting. You evidence what this man is really like. That tirade
      at you is the most vile and detestable rant I've ever seen. It's irrational to the
      point of psychosis, but then he found Buddha and decided to "forgive you" for whatever
      he hallucinated you did. That was even more disturbing. No money for you, of course.
      You should know that Lamphere was using your name as a reference to try and refute this
      site not that long ago. He claimed that he never took anything that he didn't "deserve,
      earn, or was given to him outright." How he justifies your grand theft is simply unhinged.
      I wouldn't let him get away with it either. Something else he has you don't is a site like
      this on the Internet.

  32. Sorry Folks... I am not entirely sure what has happened to my posts - especially PART ONE. So if you see multiples,, please pardon me, as it seems on this end that posts are missing.


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  36. Anonymous9/08/2015

    We were just scammed by this guy. All I can say is never hire Lan Lamphere for anything...like anything. I'm sure he probably reads this blog. It's actually really sad. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets off on it..... Cause he got some attention from somebody. The real truth is, that tomorrow, I and everyone else might have lost some money, but the self titled "reclusive genius," which is fucking hilarious all in itself will be scrambling to steal from the next person. He'll have another bankruptcy. He'll never know what it's like to own a house, or a car, or really own a real business. This guy is forever going to have to swindle people to live. So at the end of the day, this guy's legacy is nothing but a theif. He will die a theif, and be remembered as one. All i can say is, sucks to be you. I sleep better being on the right side of the fence. Be warned, don't hire Lan Lamphere to so much as cut your grass.

    1. Anonymous11/09/2015

      This man is unbelievable. Lamphere doesn't learn...he just continues.

      Maybe this site should get a lot worse.

  37. Anonymous9/08/2015

    I mean, "genius recluse." For real, I think the money I lost with Lan Lamphere is actually worth just knowing that there is a guy out there who self titles himself as a "genius recluse." The jokes we've had at the office is totally worth it!

    1. Anonymous11/09/2015

      If you thinks that's a hoot, this crook was calling himself a "redneck genius" not long ago. That's one of those fancy oxymorons only city folk are smart enough to use.

      Jeff Foxworthy should put it in his act, ......you might be a "redneck genius."

      If you've ripped off and pissed off so many people they morph into a flash mob and go after you

      If you willingly post your own illegal activities to the Internet

      If all you do about a complaint website is make it worse

      If you have a half million dollar defamation judgment against you and you still defame people.

      If you are your own worst enemy but call yourself a redneck genius.

      If you live in a glass trailer but still throw stones.

      If you claim to have a big dick when everyone has seen your porn.

      You guys can probably think of a few more....XD

  38. Anonymous10/09/2015

    Lan Lamphere is incapable of finishing anything he starts. Honestly, I don't think it's just about the scam for him. The guy genuinely wants to do projects, but lacks the will power, knowledge, resources, and drive to truly follow through with anything.

    He's just a narcissistic hack with ADHD and too many hobbies. He wants to play with the big boys but can't, so piles on the BS to compensate. His ego is the most hilarious aspect, considering he's done absolutely nothing with his life. All he ever does is lie, talk about himself, and spell every second word wrong.

    Guess that's what you get when you're the world's only "professional" photographer / videographer / writer / producer / truck driver / programmer / meteorologist / tour guide / naturist / paranormal investigator.

    Keep this blog up, please. Don't let this loser get away with anything else.

    1. Anonymous4/12/2016

      Nah, this guy would rather steal it and then brag about how honest he is. This man can't tell the truth about literally anything...even to himself. If he had any idea what he was doing, he would know that any little girl could string him up like a pinata online.

      It's another reason to be on the right side of things. It's bad enough this guy blatantly robs people, but he hurts them too, and he's been at it decades. He justifies his thievin with criminal logic and its the both of them.

      Lamphere won't show in court and figured nothing could really happen. Well, he's wrong.

      All he's done about this site is hurl threats and insults at the people he's robbed, and escalating denials. The man can act semi normal for a while, and it makes him dangerous, but he'll go off the rails cyclically.

      Another reason to be on the right side is being able to tell guys like him to stuff it up their ass. He thinks you should just let him get away with it...that's how insane he is.

  39. Anonymous11/11/2015

    KC7RUN is his amateur radio callsign. I've communicated with him online, never knew ANY of this stuff. Amazing

    1. Anonymous1/18/2016

      You may be onto something but I will have to say after reading through comments of his past that he is also a con-artist of sorts. He tried to get me to pay up front for some Web work but after listening to him tell me that his clients "Think I Am A God" my BS detector pegged the needle on the meter. Since I wasn't buying it he must have decided not to waste his time on me... there was no follow up. In the past, I have dealt with his kind before.

      After talking with the LAN man on the phone I turned to my wife, told her briefly about our conversation, mentioned his amateur radio call sign and told her that it was absolutely fitting. R-U-N!!!

  40. Anonymous4/02/2016

    his @kc7run twitter account changed to @spacewxpenguin then he went away.

  41. Anonymous4/08/2016

    He and Taira have effectively removed themselves from the internet. All social media profiles have been deleted, as well as any websites they ran. His new FCC callsign is W5VIM. A shame, maybe Mac Hollie will come back now.

  42. Anonymous4/16/2016

    Lan is now back on Twitter as @Faultline_Tech he doesnt have a good way to hide, his self indulgence is unable to quiet his hunger to announce himself.

    1. Anonymous4/17/2016

      Yeah, this guy is impossible. He changed names again faultlinetech.com. He claims that this page is "all made up"..."all flat out lies"...and he's being stalked by "crazy jealous people."

      No, it's just people he's robbed who didn't just go away like good little victims. (Everything on this page is absolutely true and of public interest.)

      He continues to post all this grandiose delusional BS online. Now he claims to be a major computer guru. The guy is a truck driver but pretends to be any high end occupation he pulls out his ass. It's called fraud.

      His porn princess wife wrote in and freely admitted to everything on this page. She claimed that these were all just their "mistakes" including the porn. "They're human" according to her and make innocent human mistakes. That's why they left radio for television so they wouldn't make the same "mistakes." They should be excused since they do the best for their kids....(like making porn is the best for any kids.)

      I thought Lamphere was the most offensive individual I ever ran across, but no, it's her. What they stole from us and other people on here is no f*cking "mistake."

      She knows what he does and just cheers him on. She doesn't give squat so long as she doesn't have to get a real job. She's kept, Lan, and cheaply too. It's an old practice and nobody is jealous of you or her.

      People don't like getting robbed, especially by the likes of these people. Some "mistakes" you don't make even before the Internet.

      The worst thing about this asshole is how he goes from being all big and bad to being a sniveling little bitch when he gets caught. He could know who everybody is if he'd show in court. He can't fix lies with more lies.

    2. Now the guy is operating as "Fault-line Technology." A lot of people are keeping an eye out for him now. He shouldn't be operating if he can't do it honestly and he can't.

      Anybody half legit, decent, or even sane wouldn't rest until a site like this was down. Lies can be sued for...where's his lawsuit he promised?

  43. Anonymous4/16/2016

    Thanks for keeping this thread alive Lan Lamphere scammed my company for $1000.00 but I know of other companies that lost thousands of Dollars.

  44. Anonymous4/26/2016

    Taira Lamphere changed name according to http://www.oscn.net/applications/oscn/GetCaseInformation.asp?submitted=true&viewtype=caseGeneral&casemasterID=2224097&db=Cleveland

    Meet the new Lori Walkly

  45. Anonymous4/26/2016

    I read the document wrong. It;s not Lori Walkley, The correct name is Katherina Bennett. Meet the new Katherina Bennett. Unable to locate a social media account.

    1. Anonymous5/01/2016

      Good work.

    2. Anonymous11/03/2016

      Correction: Taira Lamphere changed her name back to her maiden name of Taira Ivins. She's every bit as guilty as Lan Lamphere and she does him no favors by enabling and encouraging him. She's got to be as crazy as he is. Memaw must be proud.

  46. Anonymous4/28/2016

    i know you guys got screwed over and lost a lot of money, but damn. Move on and get a life. you got f#cked big deal it happens to everyone you trust the wrong person and it bit you in the ass. Grow up and get a life you people are acting like school yard bitches that dont know how to get over yourselves. everyone does make mistakes and that does not justify what they have done to any of us but that is no reason to harass and follow them just because you are butt hurt. you people are a bunch of little bitches who need to grow up let your balls drop, move on and leave these people alone to do there one thing whats done is done and by stalking them on the internet is not going to get the money that was lost back. what a bunch of whiny bitches. you people need to find a new hobby or something because this one is very unhealthy.

    sincerely yours,
    the only one that can grow the f#ck up and move on

    1. Anonymous4/28/2016

      The only whiny little bitch I see here is you. You're rationalizing intolerable criminal behavior, insulting victims, and only making it worse. You must be one of the Lampheres.

      They haven't learned the most basic of life skills...there are people in the world not to screw with much less steal from.

      Go call a cop or a lawyer or absolutely a shrink.

      This site isn't even for Lamphere...it's for the benefit of the people he has yet to rob will shoot him. Assholes like him get double tapped for a lot less all the time. You never thought of it that way....you're a Lamphere.

      This site will get a lot worse.

    2. Anonymous4/28/2016

      Yeah, that's Lamphere. Nobody who has been ass reamed by this guy expresses moral outrage about this site. Every single one burned has appreciated it. More have written in to the back end than posted comments.

      Lamphere can't open his mouth without being offensive or insulting. The same dismissive keywords he uses and manipulation techniques...stalking, mistakes, etc. The bloated ego comes through too.."he can rise above it." Yeah, BS.

      The man intentionally hurts people and has for decades, so piss off about mistakes. Look at Scotty up there. He never did one thing to Lamphere. Scotty never sent anything in to this site and never even said anything. He has to defend himself from Lamphere badmouthing him now or he never would have posted anything.

      And you just want to let Lamphere run loose to continue. You can only be Lamphere.

    3. Anonymous4/30/2016

      That's obviously Lamphere. No one else is that toxic or lectures, criticizes, or blames victims.

      This site should never go away....it goes easy on him. All that's on this page is some truth about him in his own words and actions.

      I could write out what's wrong with him but don't want to take the time. He's ugly insane but will never admit it.

      The lyin POS wants to rob you and insult you and then just get away with it. How about HELL NO? No one here stole from him.

      He still hasn't learned not to make permanent "mistakes." I don't feel the least bit sorry for him.

    4. Anonymous5/09/2016

      Lamphere, I am "butt-hurt" plenty enough to recommend this site stays here or even put it back up myself should it go away.

      A quote above from a comment in August 2012

      "Shame on him, I hope this haunts him for the rest of his life as you cannot run and hide from the internet."

      Everyone hosed by this guy has that attitude. He's he most self-destructive individual any of us has ever seen. Anyone should know that his conduct would result in ruination, and it should.

      I would recommend not engaging this man - he will only infuriate you. He calls everyone "cowards" for being anonymous. There's no reason to make it easy for him to further injure anyone...he already robbed you under the guise of making "a mistake."

      Every loser that lands in prison says the same thing. "I made a mistake."

      Most people have a strong moral imperative to not allow others to be similarly harmed. This comment author doesn't share that view. The base logic is criminal: "Get over it, you whiny little bitch. Nuthin you can do about it anyway. Just let 'em go."

    5. Anonymous6/10/2016

      F*ck You, Lamphere. Just F*ck You. No, I don't get f*cked. I'll set your thievin ass on fire and so will the other good people here.

      You finally ripped off serious types who don't tolerate you and won't let it go. This site can worsen and stay here until you're on welfare living under a bridge.

      You have been fact checked every way there is and absolutely nothing you claim can be believed. You think you can steal thousands and then say, "F*ck You" to all the people you ripped off.

      You can't.

      You hide behind the law to rob people. The same laws can be used to expose you. You got a big dose of your own medicine...you won't show in court, but you can't sue for your own unlawful conduct.

      Poetic justice if you ask me. This site doesn't have to come down and it shouldn't.

    6. Anonymous6/15/2016

      Yeah, Fuck Lan. What a worthless twat of a human being. I feel bad for his kids having this worthless theif of a shit human being for a role model. What a waste of life.

    7. Anonymous7/10/2016

      This guy sure makes it easy to hate him. Their "one thing" is robbing people so he can fuck off in his delusions. Mistakes my ass...He continues insulting the people he's robbed...that's just crazy stupid. Lamphere still claims that something is wrong with everybody on here and they're all "mean, hateful, and evil." The man is hopeless. Go look in the mirror you sanctimonious hypocritical SOB. He can't stop lying either. He continues posting all this fraudulent bullshit about himself. Now, he's former programmer for JPL and NASA. He's been caught and exposed but keeps at it. He keeps this site up here himself. Legitimate decent people don't have their problems and they sure as hell don't have sites like this.

    8. Anonymous7/29/2016

      Sure that's Lamphere. That's a confession...he knows what he does but never figured to get caught. He counts on people just letting it go. He makes his own case for this site never coming down. Frankly, I'm glad and relieved this site is here.

    9. Anonymous8/13/2016

      How many has this prick robbed? His favorite seemes to be taking a grand off unsuspecting people and then never do shit. How many don't even know about this site? He has some gall calling anybody a whiny little bitch. Real men aren't frauds, thieves, or pornographers. Fraud ain't a fart in church and people don't forgive and forget thievin, or turn the other cheek, or give second chances like this guy expects.

    10. Anonymous8/28/2016

      This guy's situation can get a lot worse and he just keeps asking for it. This little page ain't shit for what can happen to him.

    11. Anonymous10/14/2016

      This place can haunt this lying thieving fuck the rest of his miserable life.

    12. Anonymous11/08/2016

      This man has no idea what he is doing, I mean SHIT - NOTHING and he just loves to fuck with people. This site has been here five years and these two haven;t done a single constructive thing. The contortions this man goes through to justify his criminal behavior are shocking. he still uses BS excuses he's "human and makes mistakes." Lamphere is the most antagonizing and obnoxious fuck head you will ever run across. He still parades around calling himself a genius and going on about how smart he is. He doesn;t even knwo how the Internet keeps you honest or should. He's just digging himself in deeper by using an alias to avoid this site. He can be found in a matter of minutes. Strangers are cruising his house. Unbelievable.

    13. Anonymous11/28/2016

      Scammers and thieves get exposed all the time --- BFD. They trust the wrong people to not come back and bite them on the ass. The only person really fucked is you and your wife Lamphere. You think people should just let you ass rape them and then not make a peep about it. Friggin maniac.

    14. This insulting loudmouth fuck. Nobody here has to do shit for him. "Let you balls drop." Fuck You Lamphere. You robbed me motherfucker it ain't the other way around and it ain't "my own damn fault." I could have done a lot with the honest money you took you sure as hell don't deserve.

  47. Anonymous5/24/2016

    517 Trinidad Drive. Norman, OK 73072.

    1. Anonymous5/24/2016

      According to an fcc doc filled out on May 13th. On the webs. Wow, this guy is an idiot.

    2. Anonymous5/27/2016

      Yup...but he swears he's several kinds of genius. What kind of ass hat calls himself a genius anyway?

  48. Anonymous5/27/2016

    operating again as a "renee' buckner" or "Renee' Buckman". Claims to be selling a software called "Gambit" that will somehow drive people to your website and can measure its effectiveness better that anything Google has. Claims he wrote software for JPL & NASA but of course he can't talk about it. All you have to doo is pay the fees for the 'drivers', uploads, and allow his to have the passwords to your website. At least one local gunstore has already been scammed.

    1. Anonymous5/27/2016

      This guy is the most impossible liar you will ever see. He's been the "greatest" at damn near everything at some nebulous time in the past. Software for JPL and NASA is a new one.

      All he does is whine about how bad the people he robbed are and how he's been wronged.

      Nobody should give this prick to anything.

    2. Anonymous5/28/2016

      I wonder if this is another one of his "mistakes?"

    3. Anonymous6/18/2016

      Could you please try to confirm the names he's using now or even the name of the gun store?

    4. Anonymous11/07/2016

      I'll call around and find out.

    5. Anonymous11/19/2016

      This is magic software he got from his days at NASA. I say Lock him up.

    6. Anonymous11/28/2016

      This man wants another ugly mob after him.

  49. Anonymous5/27/2016

    This dude is unreal. The world is a small place and karma's a bitch. His address is definitely 517 Trinidad Dr. Norman, OK 73072. He drives a blue Mercedes Suv, and there's a shitty looking tan suv in the driveway that looks broke down. His yard looks like shit, probably because he's too damn lazy to cut his own grass. My guess is he's renting, as there's no way this dude has anything in his name. Or it's family owned. This would be why no one can get there money back in court by putting a lien on anything. Sure dude owns nothing, which is pretty sad for a dude who looks in his late 50's. Anyway, if anyone needs to pay a visit to try and recoup there money, or hit up his neighbors and let them know who they live next to, maybe find out the landlord and let them know, or just put signs on the street making people aware, that's the address.

    1. Anonymous5/27/2016

      .....wouldn't it be great to get the news out there. Keep running Lan.

    2. Anonymous5/27/2016

      This guy is just getting worse. You would think self preservation would kick in at some time. He starts pointless shit with everybody and bites the hands that feed him or help him. Half the comments on here are from former friends he screwed. I blame his wife too. She knows how crazy he is and what he does. She strokes his ego and rides him like a rented jackass. She should know the blow back would spatter her. Frauds and thieves get torn to shreds online. That's why only fools and loons would do it. You can't hide from the Internet.

    3. Anonymous5/30/2016

      yeah, that's him.

  50. Anonymous5/27/2016

    Great info, thanks! This guy really isn't the brightest bulb. When I was younger, if someone pulled the crap Lan pulls, someone would just come over and break your windows out, slice your tires, key it up and be done with it. He better be be careful who he screws over. Some people aren't as civil.

    1. I hate to see anyone suffer unduly but Lan always seem to ad insult to injury, he insulted my intelligence by asking me for $ 2000.00 to redo my website shortly after receiving $ 1000.00 for advertisement that never happened,
      now that takes guts.
      Lan, man, your insisting that day revealed pretty much that my money was gone . Shame on you boy cause you not only have affected all of us by your thieving but also the legit other advertising channels,
      You are a destructor of good thing and a crappy excuse for a human being and I hope you cannot / will not reproduce.

  51. Anonymous7/03/2016

    Every single victim and other's who do not trust mister KC7RUN, Lan Lamphere, should post this website as untrusted at mywot.com
    Furthermore, please request to add that url to AVG, AVAST, McAfee, Norton, let them know it's a scammer and keep pushing it.

    1. Anonymous8/15/2016

      He has dropped that address. It's not online anymore.

  52. Anonymous7/06/2016

    New update Lanny A. Lamphere's new website url http://cw.w5vim.us/

    1. Anonymous7/06/2016

      His current callsign is W5VIM https://www.hamqth.com/W5VIM Two locations listed. One he provided and one FCC provided.

  53. Hey, Folks!
    I commented earlier (above) on the situation I had with LL and Intrepid Magazine. But if it is not too unorthodox, I would like to let you know that the mag has been doing well for five years, now, under my publishing effort... and I would like to have some of you original advertisers back. I do not feel this post is off-topic, but rather, an invite to see where I have gone since the incidents I mentioned above.

    Take a look at just a handful of the back issues we have available as "print-on-demand" collectors' issues, and contact me if you might have some interest in opening up some dialog: http://www.magcloud.com/publish/collection/673460

    What I have done with the magazine is branch it out into other areas:
    Radio - www.intrepidradio.com
    www.IPBN-fm.com and our own www.streamingtalkradio.com
    And the Paradigm Symposiums - www.paradigmsymposium.com

    Since the demise of my partnership with LL in April of 2011, I have gone on to publish Intrepid Mag for over five years; I have had four books published by New Page Books; and our radio network has grown exponentially, far beyond mere podcasting. Our current, highly rated radio program - The Situation Room, with Rocci Stucci, Scotty Roberts and John Ward - is being carried by Donna Fiducia's (former FoxNews anchor) online radio network, Red State Rising, and is currently broadcasting in nine terrestrial markets, mostly in the southeast. Our audience is large and growing.

    All of this to say that I would like to invite you back into my efforts as advertisers and sponsors.

    You can find out more about me at my own website: www.scottalanroberts.com and through voluminous Google search entries.

    Thanks for tolerating my shameless plug.

    Scotty Roberts
    (651) 468-8115

    1. ABOVE: "strove," not "stove."

    2. Anonymous10/20/2016

      Scotty, You act like an innocent man who is still struggling from being named alongside Lamphere. All he does is act guilty and attempt to be manipulative, intimidating, or threatening. He can change names, addresses, even have a sex change, but the truth will haunt him and it needs to. He can explain this site before he can libel or defame anybody again. He hasn't learned a thing and can't.

  54. Ditto, please keep this site up as we do not wish anyone to go through what we did, not only he stole the money but prohibited someone else genuine to actually promote our company as we expected from Lan Lamphere, so the injury is multi level involving more than one entity. Lamphere is a destroyer, Shame onhim !

  55. I will say this about Lan... despite all the harm he has caused many here - including me - he is a man that I loved like a brother for many years prior to all of this mess. I miss him, truly, for the real aspects of the man beyond his bad business dealings.

    What do you do when you have someone - even a family member, in some cases - who you love unconditionally, yet their behavior has caused deep rifts and great pain? You don't stop loving the person, but you abhor their actions.

    So, I will say this, I hate seeing and experiencing the grave business practices of Lamphere, but I miss the man who was like a brother to me, so many years ago. Those were two completely different people, and it is exponentially sad that the one overtook the other and destroyed the friendship we once had.

    I miss Lan as a friend. He has amazing qualities that I admired and respected, but he just never seemed, in the long run, to be able to overcome the survival mode that launched him into so much bad behavior and hurt to others.

    Its a sad commentary, but there it is. Take the tone of this for what it is.

    1. Anonymous9/19/2016

      Scotty, This guy didn't fall from grace. Scammers always seem like the most decent people until they're exposed. That's when you find out what they're really like. I don't think this guy has real friends - he grooms victims. He's left a trail of ripped off, injured, furious people in his wake since the 80s and then claims to be a victim. Look at this link, and it fits Lamphere like a glove. http://www.sociopathicstyle.com/psychopathic-traits/

      This man is the most insane prick I've ever seen outside the nut house, and he flat enrages people. That guy with the big judgment chased him legally for 13 years and got squat.That's how much Lamphere pisses people off. The man abuses and exploits everybody around him including his own. I doubt if you have ever gotten the truth on anything. He hasn't done sh*t for anybody on here except hurt them, and he plays dumb.

    2. Anonymous4/04/2017

      I think that you should redefine your ties to this man.

    3. There are no ties to redefine.

    4. Anonymous4/05/2017

      Scotty, I think it was shortly after you got robbed, Taira said on Facebook...

      "Oh Lan, You're such a good provider."

      He replied...

      "I'm only good cause of you."

      I saw red but didn't connect you until later.

      These two know exactly what they are doing.

    5. Anonymous4/10/2017

      Yeah I saw 'my brillant husband' on there. we got had in their telvision game. I never knew what happned until this site I still kick myself nobody ever pissed me off like this guy. Lie to you steal from you then insult the living shit out of you.

    6. Anonymous4/19/2017

      Something else Taira said was "Lan seems harsh but he's really not." Lamphere did his best to ruin Roberts, his "best friend" of 12 years. He viciously maligned and libeled Roberts online for months after robbing him for a lot and leaving him in a big lurch with many pissed off people.

      Lamphere cost that other guy with the big judgment his business by doing the same thing and trying to strongarm money out of the guy. You talk about a mean, hateful, evil MF is Lamphere. Nobody pisses people off like him. He steals thousands and the calls the people robbed "ass monkeys" and now "whiny bitches." Nobody is playing with this crazy ugly fuck.

  56. Anonymous10/03/2016

    This site will never come down.

    1. Anonymous10/05/2016

      Yup, and it's pretty great. We run a legit company, have for over 10 years. We're proud that we're about to hit a million in sales this year. Lan scammed us for a couple thousand a few years ago. His reputation is on blast for life here, being reduced to the worthless scum that he is. We've worked hard and we're lucky to be where we're at. Lan will never be in our position. I hate to say it, but I take pride in that.

    2. Anonymous10/22/2016

      I hope you're the moderator. I sent caps in but never heard back. This guy still blames the people he robbed and calls them "his enemies" and its still our own fault. Just a few months ago he claimed to be on KOKC for YEARS, he was the founder of a web host firm, and now he's a "software engineer" who used to work for NASA and JPL. And this site is "cyberbullying."

  57. Anonymous11/26/2016

    Lan is a street level pot dealer who graduated to also grifting and button for ARA and CSA, two well known extreme groups tied to the Aryan Brotherhood, and he has very loose ties to Elohim City, the compound, now presumed defunct. He is psychodramatic. He left his first wife after getting busted over a bad check and that explains the kids. He publically also claimed to be a US Army Ranger in a fit of stolen valor. He is not. Nor a cinematographer, nor a celeb, nor anything much at all. He has robbed quite a few people and never repaid anyone.

    Lan Lamphere's story needs to be told to warn others, all of you should file ripoff reports and bbb complaints so anyone doing a reasonable check of him will find his grifter behavior. You aren't going to reform this guy.

    1. Anonymous2/16/2017

      "Psychofuck" is a better word. Nobody here will let him off. This man fully believes you should just let him steal from you. He only continues and still blames everybody except himself. This site could have been easily gotten down if either one of them had an honest bone in their body.

    2. Anonymous3/24/2017

      Add drug dealing and supremacy to this man's resume. A whole other site coulld be made from the insane bullshit this man has posted since this one went up. This dude threatens and robs women and senile old men but goes on about what a great guy he is. I dsicoverd too much about this man and wish I hadn't.

  58. Anonymous1/28/2017

    That's no surprise for this guy and they are both hopeless. It will have to escalate. They claim to not know the difference between right and wrong and only makes these people here more resolute. I've kept half an eye on this man since he got us in a charity scam years ago and other people have to. I should have spoke up sooner.

  59. Anonymous2/09/2017

    Renee or Tinkerbell or whatever the hell he calls himself now just proved that everything on this site is true. Using a fake name like that is illegal and Taira changed her name too. These people are a damn menace. Don't worry Lan, you'll be found soon enough. Nobody has even gone to look yet.

    1. Anonymous3/18/2017

      He proved that long ago IMO. This site was here a year before the comments were turned on.

  60. You are right & your point is well expressed, usually I use the words " I would like " but in their case I will say " I want " my $ 1000.00 they stole from me, obviously not in physical money as this hope is long gone, but in the appeasement that we are all responsible for them no be able to perpetuate their multi level Scams, if anything, we all are impeding their scam drives tremendously with our actions on this board. Best to you All for 2017,

    1. Anonymous3/06/2017

      This site slows them down some. These people can't even admit they have a problem. He robs you but claims its your own fault and he's a victim. This guy can't see past his own delusions. The only way to deal with them is to expose them. Everybody understands that except him or so he claims.

    2. Anonymous3/16/2017

      These comments are only people who have come lookin for him. How he didn't realize that he would get lit up online beats me. All he's done about this site is threats and insults, denials and excuses. Nobody in their rightminds would do a fraction of what these two do.

    3. Anonymous8/12/2017

      That is exactly correct...and these people pretend not to understand why this site is here.

  61. Anonymous3/28/2017

    Website Scam just over 2K stolen, no results whatsoever Alias: Renee Buckner, I guess we should have done our due diligence in at least doing a web search and maybe we would have found this before the Rat Bastard got our money, not 3 months after with no results.

    1. Anonymous3/30/2017

      You should send your info in lansfans@yahoo.com. There is no explaining this asshole.

    2. Anonymous4/01/2017

      Yeah,send your info in. Everyone here will be as irked as you are. This guy makes up any crazy bullshit to justify his thieving and deny his own lunacy. He still claims that the ripped off people here "can't deal with their own failings." This man is a f*cking monster.

    3. Anonymous4/01/2017

      Renee Buckner Fraud, scams, theft, Norman, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Computer, Internet, Renee Buckner, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, Custom Programming, WordPress, PHP, UNIX, Web Hosting, Renee Buckner, Renee Buckner Programmer, Gambit, NASA, JPL, Taira Ivins

    4. Anonymous4/16/2017

      And these people wonder why this site is here.

    5. Anonymous5/05/2017

      I am not surprised. This man has posted online that he's not "batshit crazy" (his words) but all he does is prove it. These two badly hurt people, they take food off tables and spread misery, and then play dumb as dirt. They don't give a half fuck about anyone but themselves and "doing what they enjoy." The worst things about this asshole are personal and are not even on this site. Lamphere steals thousands, has for years, and then claims "Decent people would forgive and forget his mistakes." He's the most enraging insulting crazy bastard you can ever run across. People are fed up with him.

    6. Anonymous5/15/2017

      This man has still not learned why you don't fuck people.

    7. Anonymous6/14/2017

      This guy is dangerous. He screwed up his real name and then goes and ruins an alias. This site can't come down -- this guy is way too crazy.

    8. Anonymous6/26/2017

      Yeah. Here's some more on this guy. Lamphere was trying to extort $150K out of somebody 20 years ago.

      This man is shockingly stupid but even more twisted. He can't go straight to save his own ass.
      This self described "poor man" robs anybody and then demands you feel sorry for him. There is no dealing with him. He still denies any wrongdoing.

    9. My understanding is that this was a case of defamation and libel, which Lamphere lost, then contested, but which the court has upheld in its original decision..

      Jack Shulman (ACC) sued Lanny Allen Lamphere in New Jersey for libel and defamation. Lamphere initially appeared and defended himself, but his answer was suppressed and his counterclaim was stricken because he did not participate in discovery. After he failed to appear for trial, the New Jersey court entered a default judgment, finding that he acted with malice as defined under New Jersey law and that Shulman was entitled to $431,000 in compensatory and punitive damages.

      Lamphere later filed a bankruptcy petition in the Western District of Oklahoma. Relying on 11 U.S.C. § 523(a)(6), which excepts from discharge a debt "for willful and malicious injury by the debtor to another entity or to the property of another entity," Shulman initiated an adversary proceeding to have the New Jersey judgment declared nondischargeable. He asked the bankruptcy court to give preclusive effect to the New Jersey court's finding that Lamphere acted with malice. The bankruptcy court held that, under New Jersey law, a default judgment was not subject to collateral estoppel (issue preclusion). At trial, the bankruptcy court further found that Shulman had not established the requirements of § 523(a)(6). Accordingly, it entered judgment for Lamphere. On appeal, the district court agreed with both decisions. Shulman now appeals to this court.

      by all indications, Lamphere simply stopped participating in the New Jersey action, which distinguishes this case from other circumstances which may justify applying collateral estoppel to a default judgment. Cf. Melnor, Inc. v. Corey (In re Corey), 583 F.3d 1249, 1251 (10th Cir. 2009) (applying collateral estoppel to a federal default judgment where "[t]he default was not entered because of [debtor's] failure to contest the issue but rather because his efforts in contesting it were abusive"), cert. denied, ___ U.S. ___, 130 S.Ct. 1739, 176 L.Ed.2d 213 (2010).

      Because the bankruptcy court did not err in declining to apply collateral estoppel, the judgment is AFFIRMED.

      In Re Lamphere, 422 Fed.Appx. 741, 742 (10th Cir. 2011)

      SEE MORE HERE: https://casetext.com/case/in-re-lamphere

    10. Jack A Shulman and American Computer Company vs. Lanny Allen Lamphere


    11. This is the appeal by Shulman and ACC against the bankruptcy...


    12. Anonymous7/10/2017

      LL wrecked this guy and still says "it was his own damn fault." LL is a dangerous fucking nut -- he claims everybody does something to him.

    13. Anonymous7/24/2017

      Here's another calling this man a "sponsor of hate" and it's been there a long time. It ties several of these comments together.

    14. Anonymous7/29/2017

      Here's one of his judgments got posted online. http://www.travischarlessmith.com/enforcing-a-judgment-in-oklahoma/lan-lamphere-judgment-copy/

      This man is unbelievable. All I can say is if anybody came in my house or my business to rob me I'd shoot 'em without hesitation. These people use fraud, subterfuge and lies to accomplish the same thing. I don't see much difference. Hideous people.

    15. Anonymous8/27/2017

      I swear Lamphere makes sure people hate him. He intentionally hurts people and gets off on it and drives himself right in the ground. He threatens everybody. All they have done about this site is make it worse. There are people here from 25 years ago.

  62. Anonymous5/20/2017

    There are things in life you just don't do and these people do damn near all of them.

    1. Anonymous6/12/2017

      That is a profound statement. My problem with this guy has nothing to do with money. I wish it were that simple. He doesn't even know me, but I know him. He hurt somebody I care about years ago. He goes on about his "hate and malice" when he doesn't get what he wants. He doesn't know shit about hate or malice. I would welcome anything he would try to do to me, but he won't get to retaliate and he would.

  63. Anonymous5/28/2017

    What happens when these "whiny bitches" don't just go away...they don't have to. I've seen extensive complaint sites for $200 in nutritional supplements the buyers got and didn't like. People go on but they don't forget being ripped off like this guy especially with his 'tude.

    1. Anonymous9/13/2017

      Lamphere has calld the people he robbed every name in the book, like that's going to help get this site down. Steal somebody's lunch from the fridge at work and they will hate you forever. Operate like this man and they will chase you to the last corner of hell. Common sense will tell you that. This guy has been tagged as a serial fraud and all he's done is continue. You're supposed to keep it a secret according to Lamphere. he compulsively insults people the same way he lies.

    2. Anonymous10/15/2017

      Yeah, the insults are over the top. "Everyone makes mistakes, you whiny bitch" is the topper for me. These people expect you to believe that they're too stupid to know they're thieving. Yeah right.

      There is not one thing normal about this site or their reactions to it. These two don't even make sense.

    3. Anonymous11/18/2017

      Antisocial personality disorder signs and symptoms may include:

      Disregard for right and wrong
      Persistent lying or deceit to exploit others
      Being callous, cynical and disrespectful of others
      Using charm or wit to manipulate others for personal gain or personal pleasure
      Arrogance, a sense of superiority and being extremely opinionated
      Recurring problems with the law, including criminal behavior
      Repeatedly violating the rights of others through intimidation and dishonesty
      Impulsiveness or failure to plan ahead
      Hostility, significant irritability, agitation, aggression or violence
      Lack of empathy for others and lack of remorse about harming others
      Unnecessary risk-taking or dangerous behavior with no regard for the safety of self or others
      Poor or abusive relationships
      Failure to consider the negative consequences of behavior or learn from them
      Being consistently irresponsible and repeatedly failing to fulfill work or financial obligations

    4. Anonymous12/07/2017

      Individuals with Antisocial Personality Disorder grow up being lawless and impulsive. The core features of this disorder are: (1) antagonism (manipulativeness, callousness, deceitfulness, hostility), and (2) disinhibition (risk taking, impulsivity,


      These individuals become the school bullies, thieves, vandals, and drug-dealers.

      In adulthood, individuals with Antisocial Personality Disorder become more antagonistic. They show an exaggerated sense of self-importance, insensitivity towards the feelings and needs of others, and callous exploitation of others. Their increased manipulativeness, callousness, deceitfulness, and hostility repeatedly puts them at odds with other people.

      Individuals with Antisocial Personality Disorder often are divorced, have alcohol/drug abuse, anxiety, depression, unemployment, homelessness, and criminal behavior.

      Benjamin (1996, p. 197) describes the core features of those with antisocial personality disorder as consisting of:

      "a pattern of inappropriate and unmodulated desire to control others, implemented in a detached manner. There is a strong need to be independent, to resist being controlled by others, who are usually held in contempt. There is a willingness to use untamed aggression

      to back up the need for control or independence. The [antisocial personality] usually presents in a friendly, sociable manner, but that friendliness is always accompanied by a baseline position of detachment. He or she doesn't care what happens to self or others".

      Neumann found that Antisocial Personality Disorder consists of 4 factors:

      Superficial charm, grandiosity, pathological lying and manipulation

      Callousness, lack of remorse, shallowness and failure to accept responsibility


      People with antisocial personality disorder commit unlawful, deceitful, exploitative, reckless acts for personal profit or pleasure

      and without remorse; they may do the following:

      Justify or rationalize their behavior (eg, thinking losers deserve to lose, looking out for number one)

      Blame the victim for being foolish or helpless

      Be indifferent to the exploitative and harmful effects of their actions on others

    5. Anonymous12/09/2017

      Individuals with Antisocial Personality Disorder don't see their behavior as being abnormal; hence they don't see the necessity of changing their personality. They have a callous disregard for the harm they are causing to others. Usually their lawless and impulsive behavior persists into middle age; then their life of crime usually decreases after they have lost almost everything and "burned all their bridges". Unfortunately, Antisocial Personality Disorder can persist for a lifetime if its criminal behavior is never punished.

    6. Anonymous2/05/2018

      The Hare Psychopathy Checklist – Revised

      GLIB and SUPERFICIAL CHARM — The tendency to be smooth, engaging, charming, slick, and verbally facile. Psychopathic charm is not in the least shy, self-conscious, or afraid to say anything. A psychopath never gets tongue-tied. They have freed themselves from the social conventions about taking turns in talking, for example.

      GRANDIOSE SELF-WORTH — A grossly inflated view of one’s abilities and self-worth, self-assured, opinionated, cocky, a braggart. Psychopaths are arrogant people who believe they are superior human beings.

      NEED FOR STIMULATION or PRONENESS TO BOREDOM — An excessive need for novel, thrilling, and exciting stimulation; taking chances and doing things that are risky. Psychopaths often have low self-discipline in carrying tasks through to completion because they get bored easily. They fail to work at the same job for any length of time, for example, or to finish tasks that they consider dull or routine.

      PATHOLOGICAL LYING — Can be moderate or high; in moderate form, they will be shrewd, crafty, cunning, sly, and clever; in extreme form, they will be deceptive, deceitful, underhanded, unscrupulous, manipulative, and dishonest.

      CONNING AND MANIPULATIVENESS — The use of deceit and deception to cheat, con, or defraud others for personal gain; distinguished from Item #4 in the degree to which exploitation and callous ruthlessness is present, as reflected in a lack of concern for the feelings and suffering of one’s victims.

      LACK OF REMORSE OR GUILT — A lack of feelings or concern for the losses, pain, and suffering of victims; a tendency to be unconcerned, dispassionate, cold-hearted, and non-empathic. This item is usually demonstrated by a disdain for one’s victims.

      SHALLOW AFFECT — Emotional poverty or a limited range or depth of feelings; interpersonal coldness in spite of signs of open gregariousness.

      CALLOUSNESS and LACK OF EMPATHY — A lack of feelings toward people in general; cold, contemptuous, inconsiderate, and tactless.

      PARASITIC LIFESTYLE — An intentional, manipulative, selfish, and exploitative financial dependence on others as reflected in a lack of motivation, low self-discipline, and inability to begin or complete responsibilities.

      POOR BEHAVIORAL CONTROLS — Expressions of irritability, annoyance, impatience, threats, aggression, and verbal abuse; inadequate control of anger and temper; acting hastily.

      PROMISCUOUS SEXUAL BEHAVIOR — A variety of brief, superficial relations, numerous affairs, and an indiscriminate selection of sexual partners; the maintenance of several relationships at the same time; a history of attempts to sexually coerce others into sexual activity or taking great pride at discussing sexual exploits or conquests.

      EARLY BEHAVIOR PROBLEMS — A variety of behaviors prior to age 13, including lying, theft, cheating, vandalism, bullying, sexual activity, fire-setting, glue-sniffing, alcohol use, and running away from home.

      LACK OF REALISTIC, LONG-TERM GOALS — An inability or persistent failure to develop and execute long-term plans and goals; a nomadic existence, aimless, lacking direction in life.

      IMPULSIVITY — The occurrence of behaviors that are unpremeditated and lack reflection or planning; inability to resist temptation, frustrations, and urges; a lack of deliberation without considering the consequences; foolhardy, rash, unpredictable, erratic, and reckless.

      IRRESPONSIBILITY — Repeated failure to fulfill or honor obligations and commitments; such as not paying bills, defaulting on loans, performing sloppy work, being absent or late to work, failing to honor contractual agreements.

    7. Anonymous2/06/2018

      FAILURE TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR OWN ACTIONS — A failure to accept responsibility for one’s actions reflected in low conscientiousness, an absence of dutifulness, antagonistic manipulation, denial of responsibility, and an effort to manipulate others through this denial.

      CRIMINAL VERSATILITY — A diversity of types of criminal offenses, regardless if the person has been arrested or convicted for them; taking great pride at getting away with crimes.The word psychopath can be replaced with the word sociopath throughout this page. The meaning is very similar, if not the same.

    8. Anonymous2/12/2018


      Acting Out - Acting Out behavior refers to a subset of personality disorder traits that are more outwardly-destructive than self-destructive.

      Anger - People who suffer from personality disorders often feel a sense of unresolved anger and a heightened or exaggerated perception that they have been wronged, invalidated, neglected or abused.

      Baiting - A provocative act used to solicit an angry, aggressive or emotional response from another individual.

      Belittling, Condescending and Patronizing - This kind of speech is a passive-aggressive approach to giving someone a verbal put-down while maintaining a facade of reasonableness or friendliness.

      Blaming - The practice of identifying a person or people responsible for creating a problem, rather than identifying ways of dealing with the problem.

      Bullying - Any systematic action of hurting a person from a position of relative physical, social, economic or emotional strength.

      Chaos Manufacture - Unnecessarily creating or maintaining an environment of risk, destruction, confusion or mess.

      Cheating - Sharing a romantic or intimate relationship with somebody when you are already committed to a monogamous relationship with someone else.

      Chronic Broken Promises - Repeatedly making and then breaking commitments and promises is a common trait among people who suffer from personality disorders.

      Cruelty to Animals - Acts of Cruelty to Animals have been statistically discovered to occur more often in people who suffer from personality disorders than in the general population.

      Denial - Believing or imagining that some painful or traumatic circumstance, event or memory does not exist or did not happen.

      Depression - People who suffer from personality disorders are often also diagnosed with symptoms of depression.

      Domestic Theft - Consuming or taking control of a resource or asset belonging to (or shared with) a family member, partner or spouse without first obtaining their approval.

      Emotional Abuse - Any pattern of behavior directed at one individual by another which promotes in them a destructive sense of Fear, Obligation or Guilt (FOG).

      Emotional Blackmail - A system of threats and punishments used in an attempt to control someone’s behaviors.

      False Accusations - Patterns of unwarranted or exaggerated criticism directed towards someone else.

      Favoritism and Scapegoating - Systematically giving a dysfunctional amount of preferential positive or negative treatment to one individual among a family group of peers.

      Fear of Abandonment - An irrational belief that one is imminent danger of being personally rejected, discarded or replaced.

      Feelings of Emptiness - An acute, chronic sense that daily life has little worth or significance, leading to an impulsive appetite for strong physical sensations and dramatic relationship experiences.

      Gaslighting - The practice of brainwashing or convincing a mentally healthy individual that they are going insane or that their understanding of reality is mistaken or false. The term “Gaslighting” is based on the 1944 MGM movie “Gaslight”.

      Grooming - Grooming is the predatory act of maneuvering another individual into a position that makes them more isolated, dependent, likely to trust, and more vulnerable to abusive behavior.

  64. Anonymous8/14/2017

    FUBO Wear was such an important client.

  65. Anonymous9/11/2017

    never take this site down.

  66. Anonymous7/28/2018

    Rene Buckman and Grace M Buckman are the names being used now. You can't hide from the truth or the Internet.

  67. Anonymous9/03/2018

    It looks like she filed a restraining order and divorce against him for domestic violence or some shit according to court records. Looks like hes going by Hawkeye Buckman or Apollo Buckman now. Doing photography I think. She seems to be out of the picture.

  68. Karma, this man has hurt so many people, I am just one of them, not greedy here, just wish he gets it proportionally to his misdeeds and I I am afraid that will be substantial.

  69. Anonymous9/04/2018

    Its Hawk Buckman not hawkeye.

  70. Anonymous11/07/2018

    He is back!

    He can not stay away, and you know he will be setting people up with his scams.


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