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About Us. We're a group of business owners who have been victims of ineffective advertising, or outright advertising fraud, by Lan Lamphere and Taira Lamphere. No new business or benefit was realized by any of us. Not even a single click was received by most.

Lan Lamphere was the only advertising effort that ever failed for some. We've done enough advertising to anticipate results. The Lampheres wildly exaggerate their audience verbally and then avoid written confirmation of their statements.  Lamphere claims to "really dislike email" and prefers all phone communication. Lamphere does this specifically to avoid a paper evidence trail in our opinon. 

The Lampheres are serial frauds who have operated for years according to evidence and in our opinion. The recent verbal claims made by Lan Lamphere are quite shocking per the latest potential victims who have contacted us. He claims huge audiences, and expansion plans, etc., but that is his standard operating procedure. And yes, you are "faking it" Mr. Lamphere. We have an evidence mountain.

The Lampheres sell advertising for a nonexistent audience, and/or they sell advertising to shows that never occur. The Lampheres have actually aired only one thirty minute TV show in the last year to mostly friends and relatives on a small niche cable channel. Numerous advertisers and sponsors were secured, and they received virtually nothing for their money. (btw - We have received numerous thanks for our efforts here.)

Update 1-22-13

Sadly, we have heard from Shifter X advertisers, and as we predicted, they are out their money. Lamphere claimed that his programming was to air on multiple PBS stations. We also heard from individuals who have relayed to us that our knowledge is only fractional regarding Lamphere's long-time practices spanning decades. 

We do not post all information or evidence we have received.

We had not planned on another update, but out of respect for the folks who have recently contacted us, another update was justified. Lamphere genuinely appears to believe that everyone else is at fault, and he has no responsibility for anything. We can only shake our heads. His thinking is that foreign to us.    

We would have been happy to remove this blog had Lamphere only done a few simple things, but he can't seem to comprehend what is fair and honest. He also attacks and insults the good people who he robs. We can't understand it and don't want to.

We've done our part to be good citizens. We wish that Lamphere had done the same. 

Update 10-15-12

Shifter X Motorsports is again gone as predicted. Advertising dollars are up in smoke, and anyone else who unknowingly donated to this endeavor lost their money. It's the same pattern, and Lamphere will blame others as usual.

Lamphere claimed that numerous episodes were completed. They should air online even if nowhere else. All that has ever appeared are teaser videos a few minutes long online.

Nobody would have paid for an ad if they had known that it was dependent on Lamphere selling enough advertising to air the show. The man can't finish hardly anything. His own websites have never been finished. 

Not a single positive comment has ever been received by us and for over a year this page has been here. So much for his claimed thousands of fans and supporters. 

Here is just another bizarre rant on Lamphere's "Official Personal Site." He constantly proclaims his innocence and with great drama and phony righteous indignation. Lamphere is like the boy who kills his own parents and then begs mercy from the court because he's an orphan.

Evidence displayed on this blog site is minor in comparison to the total evidence in our possession. It is also restrained. The page could be far worse and more incriminating. Lamphere's reaction as been all wrong. We've worked hard to build a good reputation and customer relations. Lamphere doesn't even try from our experience. He counts on continuous new victims.

This screen is the part 2 of the above. Our goal was to get the Lampheres to go straight but it hasn't worked. Lamphere will take no responsibility for his conduct. He's been caught and exposed legally and then makes up outrageous and ridiculous stories about it. Nobody from this side has threatened him or anyone with anything illegal. 

Our thoughts now are just to leave this blog here and walk away from it. Monitoring him is unsettling. It's like watching a crime in progress and the situation is hopeless if Lamphere will not accept responsibility for any of  his own conduct. His huge sense of entitlement is inexplicable.

Lamphere denies their porn activities and he claims screen grabs here are fabricated. These images will pass any authenticity test. This screen directly ties together Drifting Mass and his porn firm Floating Mass. No one forced them to engage in porn production, and they've done it at least twice to our knowledge. People are free to do whatever, but not in a state where the activity is illegal and around a bunch of kids. 

Their activity and conduct is just disturbing all the way around, and there is no excusing it. We all live with our choices, and the Lampheres are plenty old enough to know better. They knew that they were being monitored and did it anyway. It's unbelievable had we not witnessed it. 

This is Taira Lamphere's "Mac Hollie" MySpace page as of 10-28-12. It's obviously her, and it remains online to this date. The Lampheres are the most irresponsible people we ever saw. They leave evidence all over. They probably forgot their log in information. 

Our evidence includes photos, audio, and video. There is no "manufacturing" anything. Lamphere claims to know who we are, but he hasn't filed legal action because he wouldn't get anywhere. Nothing about this page is illegal and nobody from here has threatened him or his family.  He'll see the police if he ever visits us, and he knows that because we told him so in no uncertain terms.

Lamphere has been aware of this site for over 15 months and has done absolutely nothing except threaten us. His calling the site moderator the B & C profane words is incredibly unwise and indicates his attitude. All he had to do to remove this blog is practice fair and honest business. He's done anything and everything except the correct things, and he went to great efforts to conceal his latest endeavors. It's very hard to hide anything from the Internet, and that keeps most people honest. Lamphere is the exception. He thinks laws don't apply to him.

Update 8-30-12

Lan Lamphere has threatened us physically as we were expecting. He sent us a thinly veiled menacing email. He has no reason to "physically see us" at anytime because counsel will represent us in any appearance. He's claimed that it's under the guise of legal action, but we've heard from no lawyer and after over one year's duration that this site has been here.  We are fully prepared to confront Lamphere via the legal system, and he will not intimidate us.  Lamphere also tried to breach our emails and this site numerous times.

Any reasonable individual would have viewed this site as a major wake up call. Lamphere's solution is to only add insult to injury. He completely dismisses this site as essentially "being lies that can't be proven," and "our losses are our own fault for believing his claims." Lamphere's lies can be proven, but all Lamphere had to do was to conduct fair and honest business and this blog could be removed. He has chosen not to do so for over a year.  We will now escalate the matter legally on our terms. Lamphere does not seem to accept that laws apply to him. We enable him if we do nothing, and that is just wrong no matter how unpleasant it is.

We have massive undeniable evidence. This site wouldn't be here without it, and we consulted legal even before assembling this page. Click on the thumbnails to view evidence images.

Update 8-27-12 The Shifter X Motorsports website completely disappeared. This is the exact same pattern as the "Femme Locale" television show. The web address now forwards to a speedway site. 

This is a long rambling excuse for the Shifter X Motorsports show never airing. Now it's a hard drive failure, but the excuse makes no real sense. No one would rely on a single drive for such critical material with no back up. Lamphere claimed that 13 episodes were completed and will be available on the website, then he claims that the site needed to be redone, and then the site disappeared completely. 

Lamphere offers refunds, and then claims that the show was losing money,  and that's the reason it didn't air.  Advertisers are not speculative investors. This page was online maybe a day or two.

Update 8-30-12 & 9-24-12 Now Lamphere claims that the Shifter X Motorsports show is back on and will air "this fall." Well, it is now fall, but no air date is displayed, and the show does not appear in the station line up.  His excuses don't pan out. It's back on only because of this site in our opinion. Lamphere apparently abandoned the Shifter X Motorsports effort to spend all his time in porn production and then again changed his mind and came back to this program from what we have heard and seen and in our opinion.   

Update 7-20-12 A reader sent us this. Summary: SSDD (Same Scam Different Day in our opinion.)  Lamphere has a new company name again: Drifting Mass Productions LLC. This firm offers all the same services as before and has added some new twists which are no more credible than any others. The Lampheres seem to change company names every few months, and they changed the phone number this time. See below for other company names. There is no registered company named "Drifting Mass Productions LLC" with the Oklahoma Secretary of State.  

Some new programs named "Sand People" and "Shifter X Moto" or "Shifter X Motorsports" are in the works apparently. This sounds much like Oklahoma Expeditions, Southwest Expeditions, Femme Locale, and several other shows Lamphere has claimed to be on air with huge audiences, etc. Lamphere has actually aired only a single 30 min episode of the Femme Locale program in the last year.

See below for air dates and results. Lamphere was telling potential advertisers that they would receive huge exposure on two national cable networks. It was all untrue. 

Lamphere again claims to have "several hit shows" in Texas and Oklahoma. Lamphere had an "Internet TV show" a few months ago that sold ads but suddenly disappeared. There have been no "hit shows." Lamphere has previously claimed that upwards of a million views for his content, which was a complete lie. See screen pages below.

Lan Lamphere claimed that he intended to purchase air time on some television stations and air his programming like an infomercial. It is unknown what is the status and intent with "Sand People" or "Shifter X Moto" or Shifter X Motorsports. 

The pilot described here was the 30 min Femme Locale program which aired once on the Pursuit Channel, which is a specialized niche hunting and fishing cable channel. Almost no one actually saw this show. Lamphere barely completed this episode and sent it to the Pursuit Channel at the very last moment before air time.

The Lampheres claimed that they removed the program from Pursuit b/c it didn't match the format of the channel. Lamphere's own words are in the screen grabs below. 

This is a screen grab for the program "Shifter X Motorsports." A handful of views have been seen on Vimeo or YouTube. There is no show advertising, and even if it airs, too few people will see it to justify advertising in our opinion. It is the same pattern in all Lamphere media productions.

Lamphere would claim at times that "up to  20 million" potential listeners would be available through the radio stations on which he was broadcasting his radio show OvernightAM. There were no radio stations carrying his program at all.

This screen grab again evidences the potential audience for the show. There is no audience participation. The show preview and teaser videos posted online have only a handful of views. There is no buzz or excitement, and the show has been around for several months.

This same pattern applies to all Lamphere activities but they will claim a large audience. There will be no result from an advertising effort. Lamphere has suddenly dropped all his previous show efforts. Advertisers were seen by no audience. 

 Update 8-6-12. Television station schedule has no ShifterX Motorsports scheduled for next Sat 8-11-12. Program never appeared and is no longer on the schedule.

Here is an example of infuriating show hype. Lamphere is claiming that the TV station is running show promos two months in advance of air date to "slow down calls" coming into the station asking about the show.

Complete baloney. The show had under 100 Facebook likes and 56 friends as of 8-6-12. The kids have more than that just playing around. Vimeo has "zero likes" on any show vids posted. (Screen cap available.)

Update 9-13-12 Shifter X now has a whopping 102 Facebook likes.
There is no marketing or show promotion occurring at all.

Update 8-7-12.

Shifter X Motorsports ended production the end of June per Lamphere in a Facebook post dated 7-28-12 with no reason given. No show aired. What happens to sponsor money???

Lamphere claimed to have six shows completed. This man is beyond belief. We did our best. 


The Lampheres have returned to porno. This is choice. Lamphere compares himself to "if Spielberg did porn, this is what it would be like."

We suspect that Lamphere took the money generated from Shifter X Motorsports and financed his way into the porn industry again. He's making casting calls for adult actors.

The company is "Floating Mass Films." It sounds like something floating in a toilet alright. floatingmass.com

Here is a casting call for "Floating Mass Films" dated 6-30-12. There is no denying the intent. This is unbelievable. These people are as apt to rip off people in porno too.

The money from honest Shifter X Motorsports advertisers went to this in our opinion.

Update 9-13-12.
This is a Twitter screen grab for Floating Mass Films, the Lampheres' latest porn industry endeavor. The Shifter X Motorsports show appeared to have been abandoned by Lan Lamphere in favor of producing porn full-time.  His claims of a hard drive failure are ridiculous in our opinion.

The Lampheres have a large number of children around their household. Lamphere claims that he is "dad" to around 15 neighborhood children, and that is the most disturbing aspect of all. The kind of people who could engage in these activities around children is shocking. It shows the kind of people you are dealing with. 

This is the home page for the porn site "Humans Love Sex" featuring Taira Lamphere as "adult film star Mac Hollie." 

People that do this around a bunch of kids in a state where it's illegal are capable of anything in our opinion. They show no respect for laws or other people and must think they're special.  We would not want our kids anywhere near this conduct, and folks have a right to know.

UPDATE 8-27-12 
Lamphere has exited the adult entertainment industry according to some very upset people in the business. They seemed quite nice and honest but were livid with Lamphere. Maybe he realized that adult entertainment production is ILLEGAL in Oklahoma, but he knew that already.  He first claimed that the company abandoned Oklahoma for Los Angeles, and then he gave it up completely. Apparently he made a film, and now there is a dispute of ownership rights. We believe the actor in the film, and she's plenty upset. We predicted this but get no satisfaction from it. 

Lan Lamphere is a public figure and runs a business. He's tried to draw attention to himself for years and continues to do so. We have a right to post accurate information about him and his claimed companies and activities, especially during his time as a public figure. 

We also have a right to express our experiences and opinions. Outraged customers, or victims in this case, are not "ass monkeys" as Mr. Lamphere claims.  Lamphere has a long documented history of defamation, and he is malicious, vindictive, and not truthful. He threatens to defame anyone who challenges him, and he did so to the people he encountered in the adult entertainment industry. That is his SOP, and he continues to defame even today. Lamphere is nothing more than a bully in our opinion.

The Lampheres were again offering wedding photography through Drifting Mass Productions. That sounds unusual to us with several "hit shows" in progress. Where do they get the time? Lamphere always acted as if wedding photography was beneath him. He claims to be an award winning international photo journalist for top media firms for 17 years, and he even claims to have been a cameraman for Anthony Bourdain.   We received some angry wedding photography reviews. Some other ones are here: http://www.weddingwire.com/reviews/lamphere-photography-norman/12206a6a1bec5210.html

Here is a prime example of what we are warning against. Lan Lamphere contracted to provide wedding photography and video and then ran off with the money and never provided any pictures or video. The people sued but Lan Lamphere will just default and accept a judgment outstanding.

These poor folks are out near $5000 and have no photos or video of their wedding. We cannot understand how anyone could ever do something as low as that. All these people wanted was their memories. Lamphere's conduct is despicable.

This was the most recent program that we knew of. Oklahoma Expeditions Motosports Video Magazine. This was "Internet TV" and was produced by "Clearly Skewed Entertainment."

Ads were sold but were never seen by any significant viewer numbers.We've received several comments that "these people are just thieves." They're entirely aware of their actions, and it includes both of them. The Lampheres know the difference between right and wrong. They don't care.

Update 1-31-12 Summary: Over the last year, Lan Lamphere has claimed that SIX different television shows produced by him were either on air or in production. He aggressively attempted to sell advertising for these programs. Lamphere has actually aired only a single 30 minute episode in the last 12 months seen by literally a handful of people. The claimed shows are as follows:

Oklahoma Expeditions: Lamphere claimed that the show was airing on Cox cable in Oklahoma City and had a total weekly viewership of 400K+ in OK City and Tulsa. No show was airing at all.  
Southwest Expeditions: Oklahoma Expeditions evolved into Southwest Expeditions and was expanding into several states. No show was airing at all.
Femme Locale: Lamphere claimed that Femme Locale was in production 6 months for Wealth TV, a national cable network and had several completed episodes. A single 30 minute episode aired once to literally a handful viewers on the Pursuit Channel. Lamphere claimed that advertisers were to receive broadcast on two national networks.Wealth TV had made no commitment to air the show and had not even seen the program to approve it. 
Sooner Legends: This was a mythical show created around Oct 27, 2011 to air via purchased air time on the Oklahoma City Fox affiliate at 6:00 AM Sunday mornings commencing on Jan 1, 2012.  No show ever appeared. 
Survival Mechanics: Another mythical show scheduled to air on the same OK City Fox affiliate commencing on Jan 8, 2012. The show was rescheduled to appear 2nd quarter 2012 and never appeared..
The Compton Effect: Lamphere claimed that this show was to air on RFDTV.  The entire show was just suddenly dropped. Lamphere only made claims via telephone and put little in writing.
Oklahoma Expeditions: This show has purportedly now returned again per Lamphere. His explanations for the failure of shows and sudden changes really make no logical sense, but he aggressively attempts to sell advertising for shows that never occur. His audience claims are incredible and outrageous. 

We possess extensive and undeniable evidence of all claims made here. A sample follows.

The information below represents our due diligence findings in an objective, accurate, and completely truthful form. Don't fall for scams. Send us your advertising regrets so that others can benefit from your experience. Email us confidentially at lansfans@yahoo.com

12-20-11 Major Update: Meadowlark Productions , Sooner Legends TV,  Survival Mechanics, and The Compton Effect. We've been notified that Lan Lamphere is aggressively pursuing every preparedness store, gun shop, army surplus store, and sporting goods store asking for sponsors and free gear to (supposedly) feature on his show.   These show and company names were established around October 27, 2011. The Lampheres appear to change company names quite frequently. See his known co names further down this page.

Lan Lamphere again claims a new show entitled "Sooner Legends" is to premier on KOKH Fox 25 in Oklahoma City. This a large Fox affiliate. We contacted them and no show entitled Sooner Legends was scheduled. 

Lamphere has another show entitled "Survival Mechanics" that he again claims will air on KOKH Fox 25. We are waiting for a response from the program director.

Update 12-30-11: The program director has informed us that a show entitled "Survival Mechanics" has reserved air time for Sunday Jan 8, 2012 from 6:00 AM to 6:30AM. This is like an infomercial and is not a show produced by the station. "Sooner Legends" will not be broadcast. 

Update 1-11-11. Survival Mechanics did not air as promised Jan 8, 2011. Lamphere claims that the show as been postponed until the 2nd Qtr 2012. No show by this name ever appeared. 

Lamphere claims a 3rd show entitled "The Compton Effect" and is attempting to sell advertising for multiple episodes and weeks.  The Lamphere's have successfully produced  only a single 30 min episode for a program entitled "Femme Locale"  that aired on the Pursuit Channel one time on Oct 7, 2011. Numerous advertisers were secured for that program but few viewers saw the show before the Lampheres cancelled it, or so they claimed. We heard that this one episode was aired as a favor to someone the Lampheres knew.  

Lamphere again claims that he has a new radio show entitled "Survival Mechanics" scheduled to premier on KOKC,  which is a large Oklahoma City radio station. We checked with the program manager and were told that some discussion regarding purchased air time occurred, but the station decided not to.

We cannot believe the large number of shows and claims. This sounds much like "Femme Locale" which aired a single show on the Pursuit Channel to an audience primarily of friends and family.
 Lamphere continues to avoid to place any claim in writing regarding audience size to potential advertisers. 

This is the media kit being sent for a show entitled "The Compton Effect." Viewership numbers shown are generic for the station and have no relevance to actual viewers of the show. The air time of 6:00AM to 6:30 AM Sunday mornings was for sale by the station. It's sounds like dead time where few viewers are even watching TV.

It is unknown whether the show will be titled "The Compon Effect "or "Survival Mechanics." Regardless, few people will see it in our opinion even if it gets completed. Our comments are inserted on each page.
Update 11-4-11 As we suspected, the "Femme Locale" television show was just another Lamphere scam in our opinion. The entire show was suddenly dropped. No one would do that after the 6 months of effort that Lamphere claimed it took with multiple episodes completed. Lan Lamphere later said that the show was to be on broadcast television on November 26, 2011. See screen grab at left and below.

Now, Femme Locale has been "cancelled" after one showing on the Pursuit Channel. What baloney...

We don't know what to say about these Lamphere statements. They're just strange to us. Look for yourself. He says that all his phone calls are recorded, he's received "terroristic threats," and the FBI instructed him to not release an email address.  Huh....?

Update 11-4-11 Lamphere is a drama queen. He said the same thing in 2008 regarding a video they made of some nudists. He was receiving "hate mail and death threats" supposedly over a controversial video. 

Update 11-6-11  A close friend is a darned good therapist too, and she said that Lamphere appears to suffer a personality disorder in her opinion. We can sympathize, but that doesn't mean that he gets to rob people. He should get help. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder Hopefully, Lamphere will get help.

Mr. Lamphere invited us to see his "media kit," and rudely stated that it was "all we needed to know" about his company or activities. This is a rambling, disjointed, and plain bizarre account of his video programs and why they are not airing.

Lamphere offers advertiser refunds that we suspect are a consequence of this site. We strongly recommend that advertisers take advantage of the refund offer.  We'll see if any refunds actually materialize.

Lamphere claimed even in 2008 that "Oklahoma Expeditions" was on broadcast television. Lamphere appears to recycle the same scam going from radio to television and back.

See this screen grab from the Internet Archives. Even in 2008, Lamphere claims that "Cox cable was allowing special consideration for Oklahoma Expeditions." See screen grabs below for outrageous claims Lamphere made earlier this year regarding the airing of his programming on Cox. These people are unbelievable to us. Their entire business is fraud in our opinion.

Lan & Taira Lamphere - Norman Oklahoma. The Lampheres have a number of different programs or shows involving radio, television, and a digital magazine. Some are active while others seem to come and go. Lan Lamphere exits and then seemingly returns to radio every few months.
Update 11-22-11 We have been informed that the Lampheres are no longer involved with the magazine.

The Lampheres appear to have been in operation for several years involving multiple entities which seem to include OvernightAM radio, HollowFX radio, Dark Matter radio, Patriot Brigade radio, Epoch radio, Clark radio, DCIX.FM, and a health radio network.  Other names include Wind Chaser Communications, Lamp Here Productions, Lamphere Photography, Clearly Skewed Entertainment, Clearly Skewed Productions, Clearly Skewed Films, Moderate Risk Productions, and most recently, Meadow Lark Productions, Oklahoma Expeditions Video Magazine, Drifting Mass Productions, and Shifter X Motorsports. His porn production firm was called :Floating Mass Films. Others company names may exist.

Taira and Lan Lamphere also claim television and or documentary programs named Lan Lamphere Reports, Oklahoma Expeditions, Southwest Expeditions, Femme Locale, Sooner Legends, Survival Mechanics, Nude America the Movie, Oklahoma Expeditions Video Magazine, and Shifter X Motor Sports.

The Lampheres have also claimed to be professional video editors, a professional video production facility for hire, photographers, including wedding photgraphy, corporate photography and video, writers/authors, public speakers, and web developers.

Lan Lamphere and Taira Lamphere claim to have worked for such organizations as the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, (lead photographer for 5 years) major television networks and news organizations, and esteemed print publications.There is no evidence to support these claims.

Lan Lamphere also claims to have been a popular radio personality since 2000 broadcasting on several major and small radio stations with programs titled The Edge, OvernightAM, and The Lan Lamphere show. We could find no evidence of Lan Lamphere broadcasting on traditional radio for any substantial time. He purchased air time for short periods and has never been employed by a radio station. His broadcasting has been almost entirely Internet only. 

After random monitoring, we can only conclude that Lan and Taira Lamphere have a very small following, if any following at all. Listeners were in the dozens range in our opinion.

They claim a huge audience. Advertising rates were from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. It was mostly whatever they could get.

All information here consists of unmodified screen captures from published information posted online by either Lan and or Taira Lamphere and online public records. We have performed good-faith due diligence and inserted our experience-based remarks into the screen captures below.

Lan Lamphere appears to "retire" from radio and then return every few months. That pattern is not conducive towards developing a loyal following. The screen captures below evidence our findings at random. The captures are not in any chronological order.

Click on the image thumbnails to enlarge and read.

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Lan Lamphere's latest farewell statement here admits that he had to "lie about Internet radio to make any money." We don't think that he recalls his published and verbal statements or realizes the legal implications. He wishes to sound as a good guy, but the admission itself incriminates him.

Lamphere also claimed online that he was "nationally syndicated." (Screen grab available.) Internet broadcasting does not constitute national syndication.

Additionally, Lan Lamphere never broadcast on conventional radio for any extended duration that we could find, and when he did broadcast on traditional radio, it was via purchased air time only and for short durations. He also broadcast on shortwave radio at times, which is a limited, small market.
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Lan Lamphere reiterates his claims of permanently leaving the radio industry on his "Clearly Skewed.com" website a few days later. He repeats that "he had to lie to make any money."

Lamphere recently announced a return to radio via a new flagship 50K watt station out of Phoenix and with an executed 2 year contract that was "too good to refuse." A few days later, Lamphere announced that he had "canceled" the contract since he now “hates radio.” New sponsors were secured during the period where he claimed that he was returning to radio on a 50K watt station.

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This screen is a capture of an Oklahoma Expeditions site that exclaims "over 2 million viewers have watched the Lampheres' programming in the last 6 months." This statement is incredible and flat outrageous. No evidence can be found to support such a claim. The domain "oklahomaexpeditions.com" has never been a high-traffic site as rated by Alexa and other monitoring sites. Bandwidth costs alone could be substantial.

This screen indicates Lan Lamphere's claim of a such a large audience that only paying "Overload members" may access him from his radio show. During our observations, few listeners ever called the program at all.

Lamphere later claims that he does not accept callers b/c they "rabbit trail" off the broadcast topic. Our group members have been in the chat room participating with others, and Lamphere unknowingly privately requested that a group member phone in b/c the phone was not ringing. The member declined to do so, and no one was calling in. Only a handful of chat room participants existed.

(Please note that many screen captures exist evidencing any statement made here. Only a fraction of screen captures have been posted.)

We've since discovered that an Internet radio show with a loyal following of even around 3 dozen listeners will generate substantial call-in and chat room activity. We can only conclude that fewer than that were listening to Lamphere.

Lan Lamphere again claims that 1 million watched their programming over a 6 month period. The statement conflicts with other Lamphere claims and none are credible, in our collective opinions. 

Lan Lamphere quotes viewer stats in Oklahoma City and Tulsa Oklahoma of 400K+ viewers per week for his Oklahoma Expeditions programming on Cox cable. The stats are impossible in our opinion. Nothing could ever be found referencing or evidencing this show on the online Cox schedule site as well. There was no show airing at all.

Lamphere emphatically claims here that "Oklahoma Expeditions" is being broadcast on Cox cable and states the day and time of broadcast. No reference to the show can be located on the Cox program schedule website, or anywhere for that matter.

Here is a search of the Cox cable site for "Oklahoma Expeditions." The search was performed 4-1-11, and no results were returned.

This is an Oklahoma City Cox cable schedule with the date and time Lamphere claims Oklahoma Expeditions is to air. No mention of his programming can be located anywhere on the Cox site or or program schedule.

Lan Lamphere assures advertisers that he will attend to their ads. He claims to have been "in the soup" of engineering, which is a claim he used frequently. Or, he said that an equipment failure occurred as the reason for his missed broadcasts. During our observation period, Lamphere broadcast live on average only 3-4 days per week. A 5 day week was rare.

Lan and Taira Lamphere have no published email addresses anywhere that we can locate. This is quite odd to us. Lamphere would frequently reference someone sending him an email or a fax while on air, but none of this information appears on the websites or anywhere else.

Currently, the Lampheres are limiting viewers and new prospects to Facebook or phone contact only.   Many/most company's first contact is via email, and many do not use Facebook. Our question is why are prospects so limited?We discovered one email address on the Pursuit channel website: Producer@femmelocale.tv.

Lan Lamphere frequently claimed to be an alumni of KOKC, a popular 50K watt AM station in Oklahoma City. We checked with KOKC and were informed that Lamphere purchased air time several years ago. He was never employed by KOKC as a talk show host. We found Lamphere claims of being on KOKC in 2000, 2003, 2004, and 2005. KOKC did not adopt a talk format until 2003. It was impossible for Lamphere to be heard on KOKC before 2003.

Lan Lamphere posts a Tweet for "Porn Actors" wanted from his Clearly Skewed account at Twitter. There was no attempt to conceal it. Other ads were also posted online for "Adult Video performers" for Clearly Skewed.

In our opinion, no one would discard Lamphere's claimed long legitimate reputation to engage in porno production, especially in Oklahoma. Adult entertainment production is illegal.

The Lamphere's apparently discovered an adult performer in Taira Lamphere and launched a paid membership-based pornography site. Lan and Taira Lamphere attempted to give the operation some superficially socially redeeming basis as was common in 70s porn, but "adult sex instruction" isn't even a clever ruse. Taira Lamphere is not "Dr. Ruth," and neither did Dr. Ruth ever remove her clothes and demonstrate anything.They attempted to claim that the site was not "pornography" but rather was "hot sex education for adults."

The site was obviously pornographic. Search "HumansLoveSex.com" and MacHollie.com. Both were clearly marked as produced by "Clearly Skewed." MySpace page for  Taira Lamphere as "adult film star Mac Hollie."

No adult photos will be posted here, but they certainly exist as does more undeniable evidence. This discovery took time for us to even reconcile. There is no denying who are the performers, and  this was very disturbing to discover. Adult entertainment production is illegal in Oklahoma.

The Lampheres recently announced a new show named Femme Locale. The show was to air on the Pursuit Channel starting on Sept 30, 2011 and Wealth TV starting Oct 7, 2011 The show appears on the Pursuit Channel website with air times of 7:00 & 7:30 PM Fridays. However, the show cannot be seen on the Pursuit channel website. Nothing occurs when the play button is pressed.

Lan and Taira Lamphere ceased discussing the Pursuit channel and removed it from their websites for a period. Now, they claim the debut date on Pursuit is Oct 7. Lan Lamphere claimed that Wealth TV was demanding an exclusive contract for the show, but nothing appears on the Wealth TV website to support the claim.

Regardless if the program airs on a cable channel, the number of viewers will be limited for some time. A television program requires marketing and development like any other product. Simply appearing on a cable channel, with hundreds of competitors, does not mean that the show will actually be seen by many potential customers.

The Pursuit Channel offers specialized programming targeted at hunting and fishing. The demographic fit of Femme Locale is questionable in our opinion.

Wealth TV advertises its desire for additional programming. Nothing regarding Femme Locale appears on the Wealth TV schedule, and Wealth TV states that the schedule is 4 weeks in advance.

Search Wealth TV directly at this link: http://www.wealthtv.com/

Update: Wealth TV responded to an inquiry about Femme Locale and stated that they have made no commitment to air the show. In fact, they have yet to even receive the show in final format for approval.

The show may never air on Wealth TV, but Lamphere already claims that programming is scheduled. He claimed it was to premier Oct 7, and that is impossible per Wealth TV directly. 
The Lampheres' current ad campaign of 50% off is a red herring since there is no basis for ad costs due to the unknown number of viewers.

Like Lamphere's radio show, sufficient numbers for advertising purposes may never see Femme Locale.

There are very few views of the Femme Locale YouTube channel. See for yourself here: http://www.youtube.com/user/femmelocale

These are web site viewer statistics on 9-28-11 for LanLamphere.com.
Viewership is very low. FemmeLocale.tv viewer stats are even lower.

Such low view counts do not merit paid advertising in our view. The URLs for the various television shows have changed several times in the last 6 months. That further degrades viewership.

This capture indicates a listener questioning the number of Lamphere "broadcast stations," and how the stations are never disclosed by Lan Lamphere.

The low number of listeners and followers can be seen in this cap.

This is the Femme Locale Facebook page on 9-28-11. The show was to debut on the Pursuit channel 9-30-11. The show has a page on the Pursuit channel website, but the video does not function there.

Update 10-8-11. It appears that the show did air on Pursuit, but the number of viewers is the issue. Only a small handful of comments appeared on Facebook regarding the show.  Comments are low even for friends and relatives in our opinion. 

Search Pursuit channel directly at this link: http://pursuitchannel.com/ShowDetail.asp?ShowID=189

Femme Locale appears to have aired, but as predicted, there was little audience consisting mostly of friends and relatives. We will try to obtain viewership counts directly from Pursuit channel and post them here.

A program televised on a "national cable network" has no assurance that reasonable numbers will see it. Pursuit channel is not one of the big four, and Friday nights are challenging for all television. Several other competing shows exist in this space.

This is a sample of court records regarding Lan and Taira Lamphere. Many actions have been filed against them. Legal recourse is usually not worthwhile since their history is to just default and remain uncollectable.

Lan Lamphere also had a $430K judgment against him for defamation, including punitive damages. Google search Shulman v Lamphere.  Lan Lamphere escaped by filing bankruptcy, and the plaintiff challenged the bankruptcy as fraudulent in 2010. The plaintiff was unsuccessful apparently due to legal technicalities.

Here is another default judgment against Lan Lamphere for nearly $11K. Lamphere will take money and then fail to perform. Lamphere practices civil theft plain and simple in our opinion. Losses like this can terribly injure a small firm. A thousand dollars taken from a small firm relying on advertising results can put it on the road to ruin.

Oklahoma court records can be checked free online here. Search "Lamphere."

This cap evidences a pointless conflict with a legitimate broadcaster where Lamphere worked briefly as a producer. Lan Lamphere lasted a matter of weeks.

Lamphere threatens to release secretly made recordings of private conversations. Lamphere has had a $430K judgment against him for defamation. One would think that he would have learned from the experience, but Lamphere has not yet learned from it. He continues to defame with untrue statements even to this day.

Lamphere continues on his public tirade days later and again has more excuses for advertisers.

We observed Lan Lamphere devote an entire radio broadcast interviewing a new advertiser on a Monday, then Lamphere broadcast old stale repeats throughout the rest of the week and then quit radio forever again. The new advertiser received a single show to a handful of listeners only.

Mr. Lan Lamphere contacted us regarding this post. It is at left. We have no desire to converse with him and will not do so any further. His statements and attitude speak for themselves and evidence his approach to complaint and dispute resolution. 

We received reports that Lan Lamphere also sells web site development services,  pockets the money, and then may do very little work. His own web sites have not worked properly when we attempted membership registration.

Complaints exist of non-refunded deposits for wedding photography and sizable incomplete video work. One bride broke up with her fiance and still received no refund of the wedding photography deposit. Lamphere cancelled on another bride but kept the deposit anyway. Reports continue to come in.

The common general opinion of those people who have had interaction with Lan Lamphere is that he is charming and accommodating at first. When he has your money, his attitude changes, and he becomes arrogant, offensive, difficult, and even hostile. His unreliability is another major issue.

We recommend making no advance payments to Lan Lamphere. 

Unstaged photos of the Lampheres.

Taira Lamphere

Lan Lamphere in his studio on air.

The above represents a sample of our diligence findings, common experiences, and all statements are truthful with volumes of supporting evidence.

This posting has no malicious intent. The goal is to motivate the Lampheres to practice fair and honest business. Once they have achieved that, this blog may be removed.

Good luck.
We can be reached at lansfans@yahoo.com.

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The two images here are removed reader comments. They were posted by Lan Lamphere under an alias and are quite revealing regarding his poor attitude. We responded to all his comments.

He can post any legitimate comment he wants as himself only.  All comments received are now displayed.

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